The Elixir of the Gnostics

The Elixir of the Gnostics : New,
'Iksir al-Arifin,'
A Parallel English-Arabic Text
[A5] Hardback - 192 pages,
by Sadr al-Din Muhammad Shirazi,
also referred to as Mulla Sadra,
Transl. by William Chittick,
Published by Chicago Univ. Press.


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Description :
The Elixir of the Gnostics : Sadr al-Din Muhammad Shirazi (1572-1640), more commonly called Mulla Sadra, was one of the grand scholars of later-period Islamic philosophy and has grown to become one of the best-known Muslim philosophers. Iksir al-’arifin, or Elixir of the Gnostics, is unique among Sadra’s writings in that it reworks and amplifies an earlier Persian work, the Jawidan-nama (Book of the Everlasting) by Afdal al-Din Kashani, or Baba Afdal.

The underlying theme of Sadra’s amplification is emblematic of Muslim philosophy: the importance of self-knowledge in an individual’s journey of "Origin and Return," the soul’s origins with God and its eventual return to Him. Everything, Sadra says, is on such a path, gradually disengaging from the material world and returning to a transcendent essence—all leading to a final fruition in which everything in the universe returns to God and finds permanent happiness.

Philosophy, Sadra argues, is the most direct means to self-knowledge—and thus the best tool for navigating this journey.
Table of Contents :

---Foreword to the Series,
---Notes on References and Spelling,
---Translator’s Introduction.
---[Author’s Introduction].
Part One:
---Chapter One;
------On the division of the sciences,
---Chapter Two;
------On the science of words,
---Chapter Three;
------On the science of practices,
---Chapter Four;
------On the science of thoughts,
---Chapter Five;
------On the science of the afterworld.

Part Two:
---On the Knowledge of the Soul, which is a Receptacle for the Sciences
---Chapter One;
------On the cause of her being impeded,
---Chapter Two;
------On the knowledge that is individually incumbent on man,
---Chapter Three;
------On the attainment of the afterworld’s felicity,
---Chapter Four;
------On knowledge of horizons and souls,
---Chapter Five;
------[On the Adamic tablet],
---Chapter Six;
------On the divine vicegerency,
---Chapter Seven;
------On another human world,
---Chapter Eight;
------On the book of the soul,
---Chapter Nine;
------On the world of Sovereignty,
---Chapter Ten;
------On the consolidation of the discussion.
Part Three:
---On the States of the Beginnings,
---Chapter One;
------On the sorts of beginning,
---Chapter Two;
------On the quiddity of location,
---Chapter Three;
------On the quiddity of time,
---Chapter Four;
------On beginning and end,
---Chapter Five;
------On the beginning of human existence,
---Chapter Six;
------On the angels’ prostration to Adam,
---Chapter Seven;
------On the quiddity of Iblis and the satans,
---Chapter Eight;
------On the angel’s inspiration and the satan’s disquietening,
---Chapter Nine;
------On the wisdom in the creation of the satans,
---Chapter Ten;
------On what was obtained in these chapters.

Part Four:
---On the Knowledge of the Ends;
Chapter One;
---[On the highest knowledge],
---Chapter Two;
------On the quiddity of the final end,
---Chapter Three;
------On the soul’s imprisonment,
---Chapter Four;
------On divine solicitude,
---Chapter Five;
------On the signs of the horizons and the souls,
---Chapter Six;
------On the root of felicity and wretchedness,
---Chapter Seven;
------On the quiddity of death,
---Chapter Eight;
------On the meaning of forgiveness,
---Chapter Nine;
------On the soul’s subsistence,
---Chapter Ten;
------On the interrelation of these three parts.
---Notes to the English Text'
---Index of Qur’anic Verses'
---Index of Hadiths and Sayings'
---Index of Names and Terms.

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