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To Be A Muslim
To Be A Muslim
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  • Authored by: Sh. Nazim al-Haqqani

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Details: To Be A Muslim : New,
'The Basics of Faith'
*[A5] Paperback - 84 pages,
by Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi,
Translated into English by Radhia Shukrullah,
Edited by Karima Sperling,
by Spohr Press, Lefke.

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Description :

There are many books that carry the name of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim (ق). Most of them are either transcriptions of his lectures or edited versions of them. Many of these he read and approved. This book, however, is the only book that he actually wrote himself.

Mawlana wrote it in the 50s, years after the establishment of the Turkish Republic. The alphabet had been changed from Arabic to Latin letters a generation earlier, leaving the traditional Ottoman sources inaccessible to the average Turkish reader. It was written to remind the Turks and the Cypriots both of their religious duties and their Ottoman heritage. In consequence some of the Ottoman references may be unfamiliar to the English reader.

The book contains basic information that every Muslim should know. It was intended for everyone so he wrote it in a language that is clear and easy to understand.

Table of Contents :


Book One : Faith,

---The Six Articles of the Declaration of Faith,

---[1]. Belief in Allah,
------Every Being is Engaged in the Remembrance of Allah (dhikru llh),
------Allah says: Know Me!
------To Know Allah is the Purpose of Creation,
------What are the words of the Testimony of Faith (shahda)?
------The Meaning of the Words of the shahda,

---[2]. Allahs Angels,
---[3]. Allahs holy scriptures,
---[4]. The Prophets,
---[5]. The Last Day,
---[6]. Destiny,

---Both good and bad come from Allah,
---The Religion of Islam.

Book Two : The Essentials of Being a Muslim :

---[1]. Cleanliness (tahara),
------The Muslim Way of Bodily Cleansing
------How and When ghusl, the Major Ablution, is Performed,
------Wu, the Minor Ablution,
------What breaks ones wu
------The Benefits of Ritual Ablution.

---[2]. Prayer (Salh/namz),
------The ritual Prayer (Salh/namz),
------How Salh is Performed,
------Adhn and Iqma,
------The Reward of Calling the Adhn,
------Tasb and Du after the Formal Prayer (Salh/namz),
------The Juma prayer, the Congregational Prayer on Friday,
------The Greatness of the Day of Juma,
------The Prayers to be Performed on Juma,
------The Five Daily Prayers,
------The d Prayers,
------The Tarw Prayer,
------The Witr Prayer,
------The Janza Prayer (Funeral Prayer).

---[3]. Fasting (Siyam),
------Fasting in Islam,
------The Merits of Fasting,
------Fasting Is Not Difficult,
------Respecting Religion and Teaching Respect for Religion,
------Respect for Ramadn,
------Regulations for Fasting,
------On Giving fitr (zakt al-fitr).

---[4]. Giving Alms (Zakat),

---[5]. Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj),
------Hajj the Pilgrimage to Mecca,
------Standing at Araft,
------The adab (good manners) of the Pilgrimage,
------The Visit to our Holy Prophet, ﷺ, the Pride of all Creation,

Book 3 : The Foundations of Islam :

---The Fifty-Four fard (obligatory) Requirements,
---Animal Sacrifice,
---The Benefits of Sacrificing Animals,
---Blessed Days and Nights,
---Our Master Muhammad Mustafa, ﷺ,
---The Holy Prophets, ﷺ, Noble Character,
---The Blessed Attributes of our Beloved Prophet, ﷺ,
------His Noble Appearance, ﷺ,
---A Great Saying of our Holy Prophet, ﷺ,:A Strong Believer Is Better Than a Weak Believer

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