The Qur'anic Way of Life: New

The Qur'anic Way of Life : New,
[A5] Hardback - 414 pages,
Nizami Zindagi Qur'an ki roshni mein -
by Mawlana M. Shakir Noorie,
Transl. by M Salim Noorie,
Published by Maktab e Taibah, India.

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Description :

Nizami Zindagi Qur'an ki Roshni mein The Quranic Way of Life : For a Muslim, the Holy Qur'an is not only a manifesto and constitution for eternal life, it is also the essence of living and provides the fundamental principles of living. It is necessary for a Muslim to be attached to the Qur'an by not only reciting it, but also in trying to understand it and acting upon its commands.

This book covers the following subjects in detail :

   *** Belief,
   *** Worship,
   *** Ethics & Morals,
   *** One's Behaviour and Everyday Dealings,
   *** Orders and Commands,
   *** The Prohibited and Forbidden.

In this book, the Ameer of Sunni Dawat e Islami, Mawlana Muhammed Shakir Noorie, provides guidance based on Qur'anic solutions for matters which we are faced with in our daily lives. Upon reading it you will realise that there is no aspect of life for which the Qur'an does not provide guidance and principles. The only condition is that we must strengthen our connection and relationship with the Qur'an. We should try and understand what we are reciting and try and fully act upon the guidance which is given by the Qur'an.




Table of Contents :

---Humble request,
-------Clear explanation of all things,
-------Complete guidance,
-------The right path,
-------Unique book,
-------Will never be misguided,
---Book at a glance.

---[1]. Beliefs :
--------Do not associate partners with Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
-----------The different types of polytheism,
-----------Prohibited to associate partners with Allah,
-----------Pledge taken to not associate partners,
-----------Polytheists will deny their belief,
--------Allah Almighty forgives all sins except for polytheism,
-----------Polytheism is an unforgiveable sin,
-----------Clear misguidance,
-----------Sayyiduna Luqman's advice to his son,
-----------Hell is the abode of polytheists,
--------Seek forgiveness from Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
-----------Sinners should never lose hope,
--------Do not despair at the mercy of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------------Losing hope is the habit of the misguided,
------------Allah spreads His mercy,
------------Seek forgiveness from Allah,
------------Seek forgiveness upon committing sins,
------------Reward for repenting and seeking forgivesness,
------------Sincere repentance,
------------Benefits of repenting,
--------Believe in all the Prophets,
------------Command to believe in All the Prophets,
------------A believer does not differentiate,
------------Only believing in some Prophets is disbelief,
------------Reward from Allah for believing in All Prophets,
--------No monasticism in religion,
--------Avoid hypocrisy,
------------Explanation of hypocrisy,
------------Different types of hypocrisy,
------------Signs of hypocrisy,
------------Hypocrites are deceiving themselves,
------------They perform prayer with pretence,
--------Ponder on the wonders of the universe,
--------Men and women receive equal rewards,
--------No soul is burdened.

---[2]. Worship :
--------Maintain purity,
--------Wear good clothes when praying,
--------Give regular charity,
--------Do not point out charity given,
--------Feed the poor,
--------Seek out the needy and help them,
-----------The rich should help the poor,
-----------Those who help the needy are beloved to Allah,
-----------Spend on the poor,
-----------Help those near and far,
--------Practice what you preach,
-----------Practice, then preach,
-----------Worry mostly about ourselves.

---[3]. Ethics and Morals :
--------Guidance regarding conversing,
--------Control your anger,
------------Strongest is the one who controls his anger,
------------The causes of anger,
------------What to do when angry?
--------Kindness towards others,
--------Avoid pride,
--------Forgive the mistakes of others,
--------Speak softly to people,
------------Speaking softly is a great blessing from Allah,
--------Lower your voice,
------------The Prophet's manner when talking,
--------Serve your parents,
------------Why is it necessary to do so ?
--------Avoid suspicion,
------------Assumption is a grave sin,
------------Why is spying forbidden?
--------Do not backbite,
------------What is backbiting?
------------Backbiting is worse than adultery,
------------Why do people backbite?
------------Disastrous consequences of backbiting,
--------Do not gossip,
------------Deprived of paradise,
------------Consequences of gossiping,
--------Do not spy,
--------Do not be miserly,
------------Miserliness is evil,
------------Consequences of miserliness,
------------Warning for misers,
------------Do not be miserly after receiving wealth,
------------A miser will not enter paradise,
--------Avoid jealousy,
--------Avoid extravagance,
--------Do not spread evil,
-----------Do not spread turmoil,
-----------Those who cause turmoil are losers,
--------Respect rules and etiquettes of war,
--------Do not turn your back during battle,
--------No compulsion in religion,
--------Intimacy during menstruation,
--------Breastfeeding children,
--------Do not overburden,
--------Kindness towards non-Muslims,
--------Safeguard yourselves from greed,
--------Do not deny the beggar.

---[4]. Behaviour and Dealings :
--------Keep written account,
--------Do not blindly follow anyone,
--------Give the debtor relief,
--------Do not charge interest,
--------Do not accept bribes,
--------Do not break promises,
--------Establish justice amongst the people,
--------Stand firm for justice,
--------Distribute inheritance amongst all heirs,
--------Females also entitled to inheritance,
--------Do not seize assets of orphans,
--------Protect orphans,
--------Make peace between people.

---[5]. Orders and Commands :
--------Help each other in goodness,
--------Punishment for committed crimes  to set an example,
--------Wage war against sins and injustice,
--------Only fight those who attack you,
--------Invite with wisdom and good advice,
--------Do not be intrusive,
--------Walk humbly on the earth,
-----------Walk at a moderate pace,
-----------Bondmen of the most gracious,
-----------The manner of the Prophet,
--------Assist those who seek help and protection,
-----------Spending out of love for Allah is true goodness,
-----------Do not deprive anyone of your help,
-----------All of creation is Allah's clan,
--------Complete your share before death,
--------Help in goodness, not in evil,
--------Repel evil with goodness,
--------Make decisions after consultation,
--------Avoid sexual immorailty,
--------The pious are more honourable,
-----------Honourable in the court of Allah,
-----------How should Allah be feared?
-----------Piety is the means to guidance,
-----------Affairs of the pious become easy,
-----------Freedom from Hell and entry into Paradise,
--------Take initiative in seeking knowledge.

---[6]. The Prohibited and Forbidden :
--------Men should be head of the household,
-----------The man is leader of the house,
-----------Each will have to answer,
--------Do not marry certain blood relatives,
--------Do not kill,
--------Do not help others sin,
--------Do not kill children out of fear of poverty,
--------Do not walk arrogantly,
-----------Questioned on the Day of Judgement,
--------Do not commit homosexuality,
--------Dead animals, blood and pigs are unlawful,
--------Avoid alcohol and other intoxicants,
--------Do not gamble,
--------Avoid dishonesty in business and trade,
--------Eat and drink, but do not waste,
--------Women should not display their beauty,
--------Matters you have no knowledge of,
--------Do not make fun of people,
--------Do not disrespect parents,
--------Do not enter without permission,
--------Do not enter parents home without permission,
------------Benefits of seeking permission,
------------Methods of seeking permission,
--------Do not stop people entering the Mosque.





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