Ahsanul Qawaid [A4] New

Ahsanal Qawaid :
Plastic Coated, [English/Arabic],
[A4] Paperback - 56 pages,
Full Colour, with Instructions in English.


Back in Stock July 2023

Description :

'Ahsan ul Qawaid' is the guide for Children/Adults/New Muslims and for every unfamiliar beginner who wants to learn the Qur'an easily and quickly. Different Colours have been used in this book to highlight Harakat, Madd, Ikhfa, Gunnah etc. which helps recital to recognise the words easily.

Some important Kalimas, Tasbeehat-e-Salat have been provided along with the procedure of making Wudhu (ablution) and performing Salat (prayer). Illustrations have also been added in this book. The interior pages of this New book are plastic laminated to help preserve and protect it!

All the kalima's and tasbeehat have been provided with English translation and it's transliteration along with Arabic text which is very useful for those who are unable to recite Arabic text exactly. If any person reads, understands and practices according to the exercises given in this book then it will assist them in reciting the Holy Qur'an easily, In-sha Allah (God-Willing)!

Table of Contents :

---Lesson [1] : Arabic Alphabet,
------Exercise 1,
------Exercise 2,
------Exercise 3.

---Lesson [2] : Shapes & Forms of the Letters,

---Lesson [3] :
------Joining up Letters :
------End, Middle & Beginning.

---Lesson [4] : Fat-ha (Zabar),

---Lesson [5] : Kas-ra (Zer),

---Lesson [6] : Dhamma (Pesh),

---Lesson [7] : Double Fatha (Two Zabar),

---Lesson [8] : Double Kasra (Two Zer),

---Lesson [9] : Double Dhamma (Two Pesh),

---Lesson [10] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [11] : Standing Fat-ha,

---Lesson [12] : Standing Kasra & Reverse Dhamma,

---Lesson [13] : Sukoon (Jazam),

---Lesson [14] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [15] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [16] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [17] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [18] : Those letters that should not be pronounced,

---Lesson [19]. Hamzah with Jazam on Top,

---Lesson [20]. Shaddah (Doubling of Letters),

---Lesson [21] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [22] : Madd (Elongation) Short Madd & Long Madd,

---Lesson [23] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [24] : The pronunciation of Alif,

---Lesson [25] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [26] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [27] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [28] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [29] : (Sabaq),

---Lesson [30] : Sound of the last letter at the end of the word,

---Lesson [31] : Virtue to Memorise the Huroof e Muqatta'aat,

---The Kalimah [Testimony of Faith] :
------The First Kalimah,
------The Second Kalimah,
------The Third Kalimah,
------The Fourth Kalimah,
------The Fifth Kalimah.

---Iman e Mujamal,

---Iman e Mufassal,

Tasbihat-e-Salaam [The Prayer : Salat] :
---Durood e Ibrahim,
---Supplication (Du'a) after Durood,
---Du'aa e Qunoot.

---The Procedure for making Wudhu (Ablution),
------The 12 Steps (with images).

---Perform Salaah Correctly,
------When you begin Salaah,
------When you are standing,
------When in Ruku,
------Returning to the Standing position from Ruku,
------When bowing down for Sajdah,
------In Sajdah,
------In between the two Sajdahs,
------The second Sajdah and rising from it,
------In Qa'dah,
------When turning for Salaam,
------The method of Du'a.

---Rakaat (Cycles) of Salaah (Prayer) :
------Sunnat Mu'akkada,
------Sunnat Ghair Mu'akkada,




Also see Madrassah/Syllabus Books.

*Dimensions :  24 cm x 18 cm approx.



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