Surah al-Kahaf [L] Tajwid

Surah al-Kahaf Arabic, New,
Colour Coded Tajweed Rules,
[-A4] Paperback - 24 pages,
by Taj Company, Lahore.


Surah al-Kahaf grants protection from the fitnah (trials) of the Dajjal (Antichrist), enhances understanding of faith, encourages seeking knowledge, and strengthens patience. Reciting Surah al-Kahaf on Fridays brings blessings, while reflecting on the story of the People of the Cave instills hope.


   *** Colour Coded Tajwid Rules,
   *** 13 lines per page,
   *** Virtues of Surah al-Kahaf (English),
   *** Faza'il e Surah al-Kahaf (Urdu).


This is a decent print kitab by Taj Company. It has a large print Arabic font with (Tajweed) Colour Coded Rules with the standard thirteen lines per page.







More Qur'an.

More Du'a and Waza'if,
More Awrad and Prayers,
More Panjsurah and Manzil,
More Du'a and Awrad (Urdu).


Dimensions :  24 x 17cm.





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