Noorani Qaidah C/Coded

Noorani Qaidah, Colour Coded : New,
with Instructions in English & Urdu,
[A5] Paperback - 48 pages,
Published by Taj Company, Lahore.


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Description :

The Noorani Qaidah is the basic Qur'an primer and an introduction to the language of the Noble Qur'an. It displays the 29 letters of the Arabic Alphabet and provides various lessons at the different stages of learning, from singular and combined letters, to words and sentences.

This book provides instructions to each lesson in English and Urdu languages. Printed in full colour by the renowned Taj Company with a clear presenation. Suitable for madrasahs, home schooling, new muslims or self learning.



Table of Contents :

---Nasihaat in Urdu,

Instructions for the Teacher :

---Pronunciation of Recitation,
---The Etiquettes of Reciting the Holy Qur'an.

Noorani Qaidah :

---Huroof e Mufradaat (Singular Letters),
---Test (Imtihan).

Lesson [1].
---Huroof e Mufradaat (Singular Letters),
------Singular letters with transliteration.

Lesson [2].
---Huroof e Murakkabat (Combined Letters),
---Test (Imtihan).

Lesson [3].
---Harakaat (The Movements),
------Exercise 1,
------Exercise 2,
------Exercise 3.

Lesson [4].
---Huroof e Illat (The Letters of Maddah),
------Exercise 1,
------Exercise 2,
------Waaw Maddah,
------Exercise 3.
---Vertical Fathah (Khara Zabar),
------Exercise 1,
---Vertical Kasrah (Khari Zer),
------Exercise 1,
---Reversed Dhammah (Ulta Pesh),
------Exercise 1.

Lesson [5].
---Huroof e Leen (The Soft Letters),
------Harf e Leen (The Soft Letter) Waaw,
------Exercise 1,
------Harf e Leen (The Soft Letter) Yaa,
------Exercise 2.

Lesson [6].
---Exercise of the Harakaat, Jazm, Huroof e Maddah and Leen,

Lesson [7].
---Tanween (Nunnation),
------Fathatain (Two Zabar),
------Kasratain (Two Zer),
------Dammatain (Two Pesh).

Lesson [8].
---Tanween (Nunnation) and Noon Sakin,
------Exercise 1.

Lesson [9].
---Izhaar (Expression) Noon Sakin and Tanween,

Lesson [10].
---Ikhfaa (Concealment) Noon Sakin and Tanween,

Lesson [11].
---Jazm Quiescency,

Lesson [12].
------Test (Imtihan).

Lesson [13].
---Tashdeed (Duplication),

Lesson [14].
---The Rules of the Letter Raa,

Lesson [15].
---The Moon (Qamri) and the Sun (Shamsi) Letters,
------The Sun Letters,
------The Moon Letters.

Lesson [16].
---The Rules of the Letter Laam,

Lesson [17].
---Waqf (Stop), 

Lesson [18].
---A Tashdeed followed by a Tashdeed Exercise,

Lesson [19].
---Maddat (Elongations),
------Madd e Muttasil,
------Madd e Munfasil,
------Madd e Lazim.

Lesson [20].
------Madd e Lazim (The Compulsory Elongation),
------Exercise 1.

Lesson [21].
---Huroof e Muqat'ta'aat (The Abbreviated Letters),

Lesson [22].
---The Rules of Meem Saakin,

Lesson [23].
---Iqlaab (Inversion).

Lesson [24].
---Idgham e Yarmaloon, (without Ghunnah),
------Exercise 1.
---Idgham e Yarmaloon, (with Ghunnah),
------Exercise 2.

Lesson [25].
---The Silent Letters in the Uthmani Rasm ul Khat,

Lesson [26].
---The Signs of Waqf (To Pause and Stop),
------The Signs and their Explanation.

Lesson [27].
---Conclusion : Application of All the Rules.

General :
---The Sunnats of Eating:
------Fifteen Sunnats,
---Khane ke Sunnatain (Urdu),
---The Sunnats of Sleeping:
------Twelve Sunnats,
---Sohne ke Sunnatain (Urdu).





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