Anwar al-Firasah fi sharh Diwan al-Himasah

 Anwar al-Firasah fi sharh Diwan al-Himasah : Urdu, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 508 pages,
Al-Hamasah by Abu Tammam ibn Aws al-Ta'i [d. 845h],
Urdu sharh by Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan Qadiri,
**Published by Maktaba Jamia al-Furqan, Pakistan.

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Description :

Anwar al-Firasah fi sharh Deewan al-Himasah - is the sharh, being an explanation in urdu by Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan al-Qadiri of the classical text Diwan al-Himasah by the Arabic poet Abu Tammam. This famous Diwan is one of the earliest collections of Arabic poetry and is studied within the Dar e Nizami syllabus.

He is Abu Tammam Habib ibn Aws Al-Ta'i who was an Abbasid-era Arab poet. Abu Tammam is best known for his anthology of Arabic poetry, Al-Hamasah. He was born in Jasim, Syria, but is known to have travelled through Homs, Cairo, Damsacus, Baghdad, Khurasan and then to Mosul, where he passed away.

Abu Tammam is best known in literature by his 9th century compilation of early poems known as the Hamasah. The Hamasah (Arabic, "exhortation") is one of the greatest anthologies of Arabic literature ever written. Abu Tammam gathered these works together when he was snowbound in Hamadan, where he had access to an excellent library belonging to Abu al-Wafa Ibn Salama. There are ten books of poems in the Hamasah, all classified by subject. Some of them are selections from long poems. This is one of the treasuries of early Arabic poetry, and the poems are of exceptional beauty. A later anthology by the same name was compiled by the poet al-Buhturi, and the term has been used in modern times to mean "heroic epic."

Two other collections of a similar nature are ascribed to Abu Tammam. His own poems have been somewhat neglected owing to the success of his compilations, but they enjoyed great repute in his lifetime. His poems reflect a stylistic break from prevailing oral-based concepts of Arab poetry, often describing historical events and people.

Allama wa Mawlana Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan al-Qadiri is a renowned scholar from Pakistan. He is the founder and principal of 'Jam'ia al-Furqan' as well as Ustad al-Ulema (Sadr al-Mudariseen) of Hadrat Sultan Bahu Trust. 

Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan is also a prolific author who has written and translated numerous classical texts of the sacred sciences.

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**Decent computerised print. Usual wear and tear as with all sub-continental books.

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  • Written by: Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan

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