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Mantiq : Darsi

Hashiya Abd al-Ali Mir Zahid Risalah
Hashiya Abd al-Ali Mir Zahid Risalah
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Details: Hashiya Abd al-Ali Mir Zahid Risalah :
*[-A4] Hardback -152 pages, Arabic, New,
Al-Qutbi by Imam Muhammad Qutb al-Din al-Razi [d.766h],
Risalah al-Qutbiyyah by Mir Zahid al-Harawi [d.1101],
Hashiya by Allama Abd al-Ali al-Lakhnawi,
Published by Sadr al-Ulama Academy.

Description :

Hashiya Abd al-Ali Mir Zahid Risalah : This is a gloss penned by Allama Abd al-Ali Laknawi on the hawashi of Mir Muhammad Zahid al-Harawi on Risalah Qutbiyyah. This is a rare Arabic text on the science of mantiq (logic) as taught in the Dars e Nizami curriculum. See image below for sample page.

This work - is part of a series of rare texts researched and published by the team at Sadr al-Ulama Academy - it is a concise and beneficial work for the student as they begin their journey in the Islamic sciences.

About Qutb al-Din al-Razi :

He is Imam Muhammad Qutb al-Din Mas'ud bin Muslih al-Razi (12361311C.E) rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. Qutb al-Din al-Razi was a 13th-century Persian polymath and poet who made contributions to astronomy, mathematics, medicine, physics, philosophy and Sufism. He was born in Kazirun in to a family with a tradition of tasawwuf. His father, Zia' al-Din Mas'ud Kaziruni was a physician by profession and also a leading Sufi of the Kaziruni order. Zia' al-Din received his Khirqa (Sufi robe) from Shahab al-Din Umar al-Suhrawardi. Qutb al-Din was garbed by the Khirqa (Sufi robe) as blessing by his father at age of ten.

Qutb al-Din studed medicine under his father. He also studied the Qanun (the Canon) of the famous Persian scholar Ibn Sina [Avicenna] and its commentaries. In particular he read the commentary of Imam Fakhr al-Din Razi on the Canon of Medicine and Qutb al-Din eventually wrote his own commentary, in the company of Shaykh Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. He began to devote his time to further education under the guidance of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi.

Subsequently, they traveled to Khurasan where he stayed to study under Najm al-Din Katibi al-Qazwini in the town of Jovayn and become his assistant. It was during this time that he compiled the books the Miftah al-Miftah, Ikhti'arat al-Muzaffariya, and his commentary on Sakkaki. After many years studying and teaching in Konya and Syria Qutb al-Din left for Tabriz and died shortly after. He was buried in the Carandab cemetery of the city.

Qutb al-Din had an insatiable desire for learning, which is evidenced by the twenty-four years he spent studying with masters of the time in order to write his commentary on the Kulliyaat. He was also distinguished by his extensive breadth of knowledge, a clever sense of humour and indiscriminate generosity.

His Works were extensive in numerous fields and sciences :

---Tarjuma Tahrir al-Uqlidas a work on geometry in Persian in fifteen chapters containing mainly the translation of the work by Nasir al-Din Tusi,
---Risala fi Harkat al-Daraja" a work on Mathematics.

Astronomy & Geography:
---Ikhti'arat al-Muzaffariya a treatise on astronomy in Persian in four chapters and extracted from his other work Nihāyat al-Idrāk. The work was dedicated to Muzaffar-al-Din Bulaq Arsalan,
---Fi Harakāt al-Dahraja wal-Nisba bayn al-Mustawi wal-Munhani written as an appendix to Nihāyat al-Idrāk,
---Nihāyat al-Idrāk - The Limit of Accomplishment concerning Knowledge of the Heavens (Nihāyat al-Idrāk fi Dirayat al-Aflak) completed in 1281, and The Royal Present (Al-Tuhfat al-Shahiya) completed in 1284. Both presented his models for planetary motion, improving on Ptolemy's principles.
---Kitab Faʿalta wa la Talum fil-Hayʾa, an Arabic work on astronomy,
---Sharh Tadkira Nasiriyya on astronomy.
---Al-Tuhfa al-Shahiya fil-Hayʾa, an Arabic book on astronomy,
---Hal Muskilat al-Majisti a book on astronomy.

---Durrat al-Taj fi Gurrat al-Dabbaj is an Encyclopedic work on philosophy written for Rustam al-Dabbaj, the ruler of the Persian land of Gilan. It includes philosophical outlook on natural sciences, theology, logic, public affairs, ethics, mysticism, astronomy, mathematics and arithmetic,
---Sharh Hikmat al-Ishraq Shaykh Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi, on philosophy and mysticism of Shahib al-Din Suhrawardi and his philosophy of illumination in Arabic.

---Al-Tuhfat al-Saʿdiyah also called Nuzhat al-Hukamaʾ wa Rawzat al-Atibbaʾ, a comprehensive commentary on medicine written in five volumes on the Kulliyāt of the Canon of Avicenna written in Arabic,
---Risalah fil-Baras, a medical treatise on leprosy in Arabic,
---Risalah fi Bayan al-Hajat ilal-Tibb wa Adab al-aTibbaʾ wa Wasaya-hum,

Religion, Sufism, Theology, Law, Linguistics and Rhetoric and others
---Al-Intisaf a gloss in Arabic on Imam al-Zamakhshari's Qurʾan commentary, al-Kasshaf,
---Fath al-Mannan fi Tafsir al-Qurʾan a comprehensive commentary on the Qurʾan in forty volumes, written in Arabic and also known by the title Tafsir ʿAllami,
---Hashiya ba Hikmat al-Ayn on theology; it is a commentary of Hikmat al-Ayn of Najm-al-Din ʿAli Dabirān Katibi,
---Muskilat al-Iʿrāb on Arabic syntax,
---Muskilat al-Tafasir or Muskilat al-Qurʾān, on rhetoric,
---Miftah al-Miftaha, a commentary on the third section of the Miftah al-Ulum, a book on Arabic grammar & rhetoric by Abu Yaʿqub Siraj-al-Din Yusuf Sakkaki Khwarizmi,
---Sharh Mukhtasar al-Usul ibn Hajib, a commentary on Ibn Hajibs Muntahal-suʾal wal-ʿAmal fi ʿIlmay al-Usul wal-Jadwal, a book on the sources of law according to the Maliki school of thought,
---Sazawar-e Iftika, Muhammad-ʿAli Mudarris attributes a book by this title to Quṭb-al-Din, without providing any information about its content,
---Taj al-ʿUlum - A book attributed to him by al-Zirikli,
---Al-Tabsira - A book attributed to him by al-Zirikli.

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