Faizan al-Manazara : Urdu

Faizan al-Manzara : Urdu, New,
[A5] Paperback - 110 pages,
al-Sharifiyah by Shaykh Ali Sharif al-Jurjani [d.816h],
al-Rashidiyah by Shaykh M. Rashid bin Mustafa Jaunpuri, [d.1083h],
Fayzan al-Manazara by Faizan Sarwar Misbahi Aurangabadi,
Published by World View Publishers, Lahore.


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Description :

Fayzan al-Manazarah : This work in urdu is a summary of a commentary of the book Manazarah al-Rashidiyyah, which is a commentary of the book al-Sharifiyyah authored by Shaykh Ali bin Muhammad Sharif Jurjaani [d.816h], rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. The arabic matn of this text is taught in the syllabus of the Darse Nizami.

This book on the rules of debating (manazarah); identifies certain terms in the Arabic language that define those terms, and having the use of those terms in that particular science. It identifies terms such as Ta'reef, Hamd, Allah, Salah, which are terms normally used in openings or sermons of books. These terms then go on to expose the topic of that particular work, in this case, the science of debate.

Since in ancient times as various factions emerged, one of the ways in which preservance would be made, regarding principles of law was to safeguard, and preserve practices and laws using this science. Since the idea of the opposition would be to bring about misinterpretation, criticism, doubt, or uncertainty, then the science of munazara would be sufficient in such debates.

The translation is done by Imam Muhammad Faizaan Sarwar Misbahi, Aurangabadi, the commentary of the al-Sharifiyyah is by Shaykh Muhammad Rashid bin Mustafa Jaunpuri, rahmatullahi ta'ala alayhi.


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