Al-Hawashi w'al-Nukat, 2 Vols. Arabic

Al-Hawashi w'an-Nikat
w'al-Fawa'id al-Muharraraat
Arabic, New,
[A4] Hardback - 2 Large Volumes, 1509 pages,
Talkhis al-Miftah by al-Khatib al-Qazwini [d.739h],
Al-Mukhtasar al-Ma'ani by Sa'd al-Din Taftazaani [d.791h],
Al-Hawashi by Imam Ahmad bin Qasim al-Abadi [d.994h],
Tahqiq by Umar Khattab al-Rashidi,
Published by Dar al-Imam Razi, Cairo.


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Description :

Al-Hawashi w'al-Nikaat w'al-Fawaa'id al-Muharraraat - 'The Marginal Notes and Points with the Benefits of the Written.' The hawashi is taken from Imam al-Sa'd al-Taftazaani's Al-Mukhtasar al-Ma'ani, which in turn is dervived from al-Khatib al-Qazwini's Talkhis al-Miftah. This compilation in two volumes is the work Imam Ahmad ibn Qasim al-'Abbadi [d.994 after Hijri], rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. The topic of the books deals with the science of Ilm al-Maani, which comes under the banner of Arabic rhetoric; Ilm al-Balaghah.


This classical work is ideal for students as it teaches them how to articulate their thoughts in an appropriate and convincing way, given the circumstances and given who they are talking to.

Imam al-Qazwini :

He is Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abd al-Rahman Jalal al-Din bin Amr al-Qazwini, al-Shafi'i, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, and was born in 666 hijri (1268 C.E). He was known and referred to as al-Khatib al-Qazwini (as well as Khatib al-Dimishq - Preacher of Damascus). He served the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus as the Imam. He also became a prominent judge (Qadi) in Syria (al-Sham) and was later appointed the Shafi'i Chief Judge in Cairo.

Khatib al-Qazwini was considered an expert in fiqh, but was more renowned as a master in the art of discourse (rhetoric) hence his title Khatib. Besides Talkhees al Miftah (Summary of the Key) he also wrote Al-Idah (The Clarification) which is an expanded edition of the Talkhees. He was trilingual in Arabic, Persian and Turkish.  He passed away in Damascus in 739 hijri (1338 C.E).

Imam al-Taftazani :

He is Imam Sad al-Din Masud ibn Umar al-Taftazani. Imam al-Taftazani, may Allah have mercy upon him, was a renowned scholar from a distinguished scholarly family, born in the village of Taftazan in the northeastern Persian province of Khurasan. He was of the Hanafi school in matters of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and a Maturidi with regard to issues of Aqidah (Islamic creed).

He was author of numerous works on Arabic grammar, rhetoric, theology, logic, law, and Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir). His commentaries on well-known works in various fields of Islamic sciences were and are still widely used in madrasahs and Islamic seminaries. He passed away in Samarqand in 1390 Common Era.




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