Furuq al-Usul : Arabic

Furuq al-Usul : ArabicNew,
[A4] Paperback - 126 pages,
by Ibn Kamal Pasha al-Hanafi [d.940h],
Compiled by Dr Muhammad ibn Abd al-Aziz Mubarak,
Published by Dar ibn Hazm.


Furuq al-Usool ibn Kamal Pasha al-Hanafi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. A scholarly work on the differences of the origins of Usul al-Fiqh and their importance. 



Ibn Kamal Pasha al-Hanafi :

Shams al-Din Ahmad ibn Sulayman ibn Kamal Pasha (d.940AH) : He is the great Imam, the erudite scholar, polymath and prolific writer: from the land of Turkey. He was born in an honourable and respectable household during the year 873AH in the Turkish city of Tokat (although it's also been said that he was born in Edirne).His father Sulayman Chalabi ibn Kamal Pasha was a commander of the Ottoman Islamic imperial army during the era of Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih, 

In the year 925AH he was appointed as a teacher at the madrasah – Dar al-Hadith, in Erdine. After the year 926AH, Sultan Sulayman al-Qanuni (D.974AH) gave to him the school of his grandfather Sultan Bayazid Khan the Second (D.918AH). He remained here until he became the Mufti of Constantinople (ie. the Mufti of Ottoman caliphate) and thus became the Shaykh al-Islam of the Ottoman Empire. This was after the death of Mawla ʿAla' al-Din al-Jamali, better-known as Zanbili 'Ali Effendi, in the year 932AH. He held this position until his death during the reign of Sultan Sulayman al-Qanuni.

Imam Taqi al-Din ibn ʿAbd al-Qadir al-Tamimi al-Ghazzi al-Hanafi (d.1005h) mentions in al-Tabaqat al-Saniyyah fi Tarajim al-Hanafiyyah: “He is someone after whom there has been no equal to succeed him, nor have the eyes perceived anyone who has embodied together his completeness and virtue. He; may Allah – exalted is He – have mercy on him, was an imam who was proficient in tafsir, fiqh, hadith, nahw, tasrif, ma'ani, bayan, kalam, mantiq, usul and other than these; to the extent that he was unrivaled in the mastery of every one of these sciences, and it is rare that a field from the disciplines exists except that he has a written work – or [multiple] works [therein]; thus he became an imam in every field.”

Ibn Kamal Pasha was a prolific writer and there are over 260 written works attributed to him (in Arabic, Turkish & Persian) on the numerous Islamic sciences, many of which have been published. His published works in Arabic include Masa'il al-Ikhtilaf Bayn al-Ashaʿirah wa 'l-Maturidiyyah (on the differences between the Ashʿari and Maturidi/Hanafi schools of creed); al-Munirah fi 'l-Mawa'iz wa 'l-ʿAqa'id; Tafsir Ibn Kamal Pasha; Sharh Riyad al-Salihin; al-Tawdih fi Sharh al-Tashih; and Furuq al-Usul. A large collection of one hundred and fourteen treatises authored by Ibn Kamal Pasha has also been published in eight volumes titled: Majmu' Rasa'il al-ʿAllamah Ibn Kamal Pasha.




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