Jam' al-Jawami fi ilm Usul al-Fiqh : Arabic

 Jam' al-Jawami fi ilm Usul al-Fiqh : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 573 pages,
by Imam Taj al-Din ibn al-Subki [d.771h],
Tahqiq by Aqilat Hussain,
Published by Dar ibn Hazm, Beirut.

Description :

Jam' al-Jawami fi ilm Usul al-Fiqh - contains numerous books and intro­ductions, completed 760 hijri at Nairab near Damascus. It is a compendium of the principles of law. This is perhaps the most famous of Imam Taj al-Din ibn al-Subki's, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, many works. It remains up to this day the standard work on Shafi`i law and is used as a textbook at the study of law at the great Islamic University of Cairo.

This print, in addition also contains over 200 pages of doctoral thesis covering an in-depth study of the authors time, his family and their academic background in Islamic sciences. The authors other celebrated works, his profession as Qadi al-Qudat as well as his finer academic stances. It also has in depth study of the book, its original aspiration, the sources used to compile the work, the varies academic works that was inspired by this title in the form of abridgements, commentaries, annotations, super-commentaries and many more.

Imam Tajuddin ibn al-Subki :

He is ‘Abd al-Wahhab b. ‘Ali b. ‘Abd al-Kafi, Abi Nasr al-Imam Taj al-Din al-Subki, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. He was a Shafi‘i jurist who said about himself: “I am among those individuals who if they hear something virtuous endeavour to spread it; if they see something questionable endeavour to hide it; and if they witness good in people that would move eyes to tears, endeavour to attach their hearts to it.” Taj al-Din al-Subki, the author of the Mu`id al-Ni`am wa Mubid al-Niqam, belongs to a large family of al-Subkis, whose members during the seventh and eighth century A.H. made themselves renowned, not only for their learning, high positions as qadis, jurisconsultants, professors, preachers, and writers, but also for their high personal qualities.


The author, Taj al-Din Abu Nasr `Abd al-Wahhab al-Subki, according to Ibn Ayyub, al-Ghazzi, and Ibn Shuhba was born in Cairo. Mubarak and al-Suyuti use the indefinite term, al-Misri, the Egyptian, and Ibn Hajar omits the place of birth altogether. The native biographers also disagree in regard to the year of his birth. Ibn Ayyub, Ibn Hajar, and al-Ghazzi give the year 727 A.H., Ibn Shuhba gives the same year but remarks that 'others say 728.' Mubarak and al-­Suyuti give 729 A.H. as the year of the birth of Taj al-Din. Most authorities agree, however, that he was 44 years of age when he died, and as his death occurred 771, the year 727 is most likely to be regarded as the year of his birth.


Taj al-Din received his first education in Cairo. The native biographers always put his own father in the first place as the teacher of his son. A long list of teachers with whom Taj al-Din studied at Cairo is given: Yunus al-Dabusi, `Ali Yahya ibn Yusuf al-Misri, `Abd al-Muhsin al-Sabuni, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn `Abd al-`Aziz al-Sa`bi, Fath al-Din ibn Sayyid al-Nas, Salih ibn Muhaqar, `Abd al-Qadi ibn al-Mutuk, and the qadi `Abd al-Ghaffar al-Sa`di.

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