Al-Mustasfa min Ilm al-Usul [2Vols] Arabic

Al-Mustasfa min Ilm al-Usul : Arabic, New,
2 Volumes, *[A4] Hardback - Total 1194 pages,
by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali [d.505h],
Edited with Notes by Madina University,
Published by Dar al-Fadhillah, Saudi Arabia.

Description :

Al-Mustasfa min 'ilm al-Usul - 'On the Legal theory of Islamic Jurisprudence' : is considered by many to be Imam al-Ghazali's, may Allah be pleased with him, last written work. It is a celebrated work on Usul al-Fiqh and is considered one of four works that all Usul work revolve around and they are :

    ---1. The mu'tazalite 'Abd al-Jabar (d. 415) al-Qadi's al-'umad;
    ---2. Abu al-Husain (d. 473) al-Basri's al-mu'tamad (commentary on al-'umad);
    ---3. Al-Imam al-Haramayn abu al-Ma`ali (d. 478) Juywani's al-Burhan and,
    ---4. this book;  Al-Mustasfa min 'ilm al-Usul.

About Imam Ghazali : Abu Hamid Muhammad, famous in the world of learning as Imam al-Ghazali, may Allah be pleased with him, was born in 450 AH (1058 C.E). in Persia . He graduated from the al-Nizamiyyah Madrassah at Nishapur, with distinction. The Nizamiyyah is a very famous educational institution in Nishapur. Later he was appointed as a teacher at the Nizamiyyah College in Baghdad, where he proved very successful in imparting knowledge to the scholars under his care. This valuable gift of sustaining interest of his pupils and passing on his knowledge to them made him so famous that students from all parts of the country flocked to study under him. Imam al-Ghazali, may Allah have mercy upon him, was fondly referred to as the "Hujjat-ul-lslam", Proof of Islam. He is honoured as a scholar and a Sufi-saint (Wali-Allah) by learned men all over the world.

Volume 1 = 335 pages,2 Volumes Total 1194 pages, within 2 separate volumes.



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