Principles of Islamic Studies : New

Principles of Islamic Studies : New,
' A Subtle Synopsis of the Ten Principles
for Seventeen Islamic Sciences
[A5] Paperback - 133 pages, 
Compiled by by Harun Verstaen,
for 'Bayt al-Hikmah' Transl. Series.


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Description :

A question many people, who want to start studying Islam in a systematic way, have, is how to begin their studies. This is especially pertinent for English-speaking Muslims in the West. Information is scarcely available and not many teachers deal with this question systematically and accordingly. This book is about to change this. It will give you the “first principles” of starting your Islamic studies.

There is no other book available like this in English. You will be introduced to 17 Islamic sciences in a way you have never seen before. The method applied has been shown and proven in the history of teaching the Islamic sciences. It is the method of the so called ten principles (al-mabadi al-'asharah).


Knowing the ten principles of an Islamic science will immediately give you an overview of that science. Think of 'aqidah, fiqh and tasawwuf for example, but these are not the only Islamic sciences though. There are many other important sciences. A serious student of knowledge needs to study and master these 17 Islamic sciences as a minimum to become a scholar in the end. Knowing the ten principles of these 17 Islamic sciences will give the student of knowledge a sound and solid head start.

About the Author :

Harun Verstaen was born and raised in the Netherlands since 1975, with a Belgian and Dutch background. He studied law at Maastricht University and wrote his Masters thesis on the application of the shari'ah in Sudan where he worked as a paralegal. He converted to Islam in 2004. Next to this Harun is a free lance translator and proofreader of (mainly) Islamic texts and books (English/Dutch) and he has worked for several publishers and authors. Doing research with regard to Islamic studies is also one of his occupations.



Table of Contents :

---About the Author.

---First Foreword,
---Second Foreword,
---Third Foreword.


---The Poem on the 10 Principles by al-Sabban,
---The Classification of Knowledge in Islam,
---The Revelatory and Intellectual Sciences,
---The Ancillary and the Primary Sciences,
---The Individual Obligatory and Communal Obligatory Sciences,
---Prologue to Sarf and Nahw.

---[1]. Sarf,
---[2]. Nahw,
---[3]. Fiqh,
---[4]. Mantiq,
---[5]. Al-Bahth al-Munazarah,
---[6]. 'Aqidah,
---[7]. Balaghah,
---[8]. Usul al-Fiqh,
---[9]. Mustalah al-Hadith,
---[10]. Tajwid,
---[11]. Qira'at,
---[12]. Usul al-Tafsir,
---[13]. Tafsir,
---[14]. Fara'id,
---[15]. Hayah,
---[16]. Arud,
---[17]. Tasawwuf.

---Appendix I.
------Shaykh Muhammad b. Mustafa al-Dimyati al-Khudari,
---Appendix II.
------Translation of grammatical terms,
---Select Bibliography.






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