Illustrated Tajweed Guide : 2 Volumes

Illustrated Tajweed Guide in 2 Volumes, New,
[A4] Hardback - 2 Vol Set,
Arabic & English in Full Colour,
Compiled by Ayman Rushdi Suwayd,
English transl. by Asiya Muhammad Akyurt.

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Description :

Illustrated Tajweed Arabic/English New Edition :

The author has included in this exceptional work the most correct material and detailed definitions relating to the science of tajweed, utilising vivid illustrative pictures of the organs of speech and what relates to them, and using colours to clarify some tajweed concepts and distinguish them from each other. He has also attached some QR codes to clarify some phonic facts.

To make the benefit more complete, he has attached two topics related to the Qu'ran: The first relates relates to the different stages of development of the script of the Qu'ran, and the second relates to the memorisation of the Holy Qu'ran and some important matters.


Readers Guide to the Chapters of the Book :

---[1]. The Glorious Qur'an,

---[2]. The Science of Tajweed,
-------Definition of the Science of Tajweed,
-------Mistakes in the Reciation of the Glorious Qur'an,
-------The Ruling of Committing to Tajweed,
-------The Ruling of Reading the Glorious Qur'an with Musical Melodies,
-------The Speeds of Reciation.

---[3]. Seeking Refuge and Basmalah,

---[4]. The Arabic Alphabet,

---[5]. Organs of Speech and How Sounds and Letters Occur,

---[6]. Articulation Points of the Arabic Letters,

---[7]. Characteristics of Arabic Letters,

---[8]. The Most Prominent Mistakes when Pronouncing the Arabic Letters,

---[9]. When Two Letters Meet,

---[10]. Rules of Meem and Noon,

---[11]. The Lengthenings,
--------Definition of 'Medd' (lengthening),
--------The Two Letters of Leen,
--------Types of 'Medd' in the Glorious Qur'an,
--------Measuring the Durations of Lenghenings,

---[12]. Completion of Vowelisations,

---[13]. The Meeting of Two non-Voweled Letters in One and Two Words,

---[14]. Miscellaneous Topics,

---[15]. The Accent in Recitation of the Glorious Qur'an,

---[16]. Words with Special Status according to the Recitation of Hafs,

---[17]. Stopping and Starting,

---[18]. Rawm and Ishmam,

---[19]. The Seven Alifs,

---[20]. The Linking Hamzah,

---[21]. Hamzat al-Qat,

---[22]. Stages of Devopment of Writing and Vowelisation of the Glorious Qur'an.

---[23]. The Difference between the Qur'anic script and the Modern Dictational script,

---[24]. Memorising the Glorious Qur'an.





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Single Volume Dimensions : 30.7 x 23.5cm.






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