Al-Jawahir al-Saniyyah : 2 Vols, Arabic

Al-Jawahir al-Saniyyah : 2 Vols, Arabic, New,
ala sharh al-Aqa'id al-Laqaniya,
by Imam Shihab al-Din Khalidi al-Jawhari [d.1181h],
Hashiya ala Ittihaf al-Murid, by Imam al-Laqani [d.1041h],
sharh Jawhara al-Tawhid by Imam al-Laqani [d.1041h],
[A4] Hardback - 1111 pages,
Published by Dar al-Emam. Cairo.

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Description :

Al-Jawahir al-Saniyyah ala sharh al-Aqa'id al-Laqaniya, - this is the first ever print and release of this work. It is compiled by Imam Shihab al-Din ibn Abd al-Karim Khalidi as-Shafi'i al-Azhari, [d.1181h] rahmatullahi ta'ala alayhi. Their are 3 texts incorporated within the 2 volumes.

 Al-Jawahir al-Saniyyah is the commentary of Imam al-Laqani's Ittihaf al-Murid which in turn is a commentary of Jawhara al-Tawhid. The text commences with the Introduction, thanksgiving and other issues related to the book. The first discussion (mab'hath) relates to the Sifat and Nafsiyyah of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala. It goes onto explain in detail the different types of attributes, their definition and all other qualities of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

This is one of the most profound and excellent books on the sciences of kalam which the modern day student studies, understands and practices his deen by.  No other edition of this text exists or has been printed.


This print : Published by Dar al Emam, Cairo in 2 volumes. Research (tahqiq) is by Doctor Hala Fahmi Abd al-Jalil Shakshak and by Doctor Sundus Ibrahim Abdur Razaq Hasbu. Both are lecturers at Jami'a al-Azhar, Cairo.



About Ibn al-Laqani :

He is ash-Shaykh 'Abd al-Salam bin Ibrahim bin Ibrahim al-Laqani, the Maliki jurist, the shaykh of the Malaki'yyah of his day. He was born in 971 hijri. He was a philosopher, a Sufi and a ascetic jurist. He passed away in 1078 hijri.

Amongst his works are :

--- It'haf al-Murid Sharh Jawharat al-Tawheed,
--- Al-Siraj al-Wahaj bi sharh Qisati al-Isra wal Mi'raj,
--- Ibtisam al-Azhar min Riyad al-Akhyar fi Rabi' al-Abrar bi' Mawlid al-Habib al-Mukhtar,
--- Sharh Mandhumat al-Jaza'iriyyah fil 'Aqa'id,
--- Hashiyat 'ala Tadhkirat al-Qurtubi.




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