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Surah Muzammil ma Darud Taj
Surah Muzammil ma Darud Taj
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The Terrible Magician : New
The Terrible Magician : New
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Jami Abwab al-Sarf : New
Jami Abwab al-Sarf : New
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Hadith : Darsi

Nasb al-Rayah : Arabic 4 Vols
Nasb al-Rayah : Arabic 4 Vols
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Nasb al-Rayah li Ahadith al-Hidayah : Arabic, 4 Vol, New,
*[A4] Hardback - pages within 4 Volume Set,
by Imam Burhan al-Din Marghinani [d.593h],
Takhrij by Imam Jamal al-Din al-Zayla'i (d.762h),
Published by Dar al-Nawader.

Description :

Nasb al-Rayah li Ahadith al-Hidayah plus Munyat al-Ma'i fima fata min Takhrij Ahadith al-Hidayah and Ta'aqubat Ibn Qatlubugha 'ala al-Dirayah.

The Hidayah is a commentary of Bidayat al-Mubtadi written by the author himself. It represents the refined, distilled and authentic version of a legal tradition developed over many centuries. It presents the corpus of Hanafi law in its approved and preferred form and forges an organic link with the other schools of law. There is no book that can match the power of al-Hidayah as a teaching manual. Education in Islamic law is not complete without this book. 

Nasb al-Rayah : This book is more authoritative in the school of Hanafi law due to the fact that it mentions the Ahadiths cited by the author of Al-Hidayah and their authenticity. Also the author mentions what ever hadith might have been transmitted in regards to the Mas'ala while authenticating it. In his introduction the author tackles the issues of Ra'y and Ijtihad in relation to Hadith and Nass. Clearly demonstrating the various evidences the Imam and his students followed that is in line with the Nusus.

About Imam al-Marghinani :

He is Burhān al-Dīn Abu’l-Ḥasan ‘Alī bin Abī Bakr bin ‘Abd al-Jalīl al-Farghānī al-Marghīnānī. He was a scholar of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. He was born in Marghinan near Farghana in 530/1135 (in Present Day Uzbekistan). He died in 593/1197. Al-Marghinani wrote books such as :

---Bidayat al-Mubtadi, Abu Bakr bin ‘Ali ‘Aamili wrote it into poetry. The work is chosen from Jami’ al-Saghir and al-Quduri,
---Kifayat al-Muntaha, long commentary on Bidayat ul Mubtadi in 80 volumes,
---Kitab al-Muntaqa,
---Kitab at-Tajniis Wa al-Mazid,
---Kitab al-Manasik al Hajj,
---Nashr al-Madhahib,
---Mukhtarat an-Nawazil,
---Faraid al-‘Uthmani,
---Al-Hidayah ("The Guide"), a work on Hanafi law and an abridgement of his commentary on Muhammad al-Shaybani's al-Jami' al-Saghir. Started in 573 and finished after 13 years. It has been translated into many languages. Imam Shah Wali ullah’s brother Shah Ahlullah translated it into Persian.

Imam Jamal al-Din al-Zayla'i :

He is Imam al-Hafidh Jamal ad-Din Abi Muhammad 'Abdullah Ibn Yusuf Al-Zayla'i Al-Hanafi. He was a Faqih as well as an Hadith expert. He is from Zayla' which is located on the north of Somalia. He authored numerous works among them are ;

---Takhrij Ahadith al-Kashshaf ; Imam Al-Zamaghshari's Al-Kashaf and various other works,
---Takhrij Ahadith al-Khulasah fi'l Fiqh al-Hanafi,
---Nasb al-Raya fi Takhrij Ahadith al-Hidayah.

He narrated hadiths from many shuyukh which he travelled for extensively. Ibn Hajar said in his Al-Durar Al-Kamina fi A'yaani al-Miati Al-Thamina that his Shaykh, Imam Al-'Iraqi said about Imam Al-Zayla'i :

"He focussed in the science of hadith and was an expert where he wrote the takhrij Al-Hadith of Al-Hidayah and I wrote the takhrij of Ihya 'Ulum ul Din and we helped one and another in our respective works." Imam Suyuti said of him; "He was the hafidh of his time and he wrote the takhrij of hidaya and Kashaf which has no equal."  He passed away in Muharram 762 Hijri and was buried in Cairo.

More Arabic books,
More Dars e Nizami books.

*Single Volume Dimensions : 24.6 x 17.8cm.

Incl some editing by NON ASWJ.

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