Al Sharh al-Kabir : Arabic

Al Sharh al-Kabir : ArabicNew,
[A4] Paperback - 295 pages,
'Laa  Siyyama' by Imam Ahmad al-Suja'i [d,1197h] 
sharh by Amir al-Kabir
Published by Dar Imam al-Razi.


Al Sharh al-Kabir ala'i Ayat al-Imam Suja'i haw 'Laa  Siyyama'  This is a work on Nahw and the Arabic language. 

This is Shaykh Amir al-Kabir's commentary of Imam Suja'i's work on the phrase  'Laa  Siyyama'  - it's meanings, it's analysis,  and implications. 





About Imam al-Suja'i

He is Imam Ahmad bin Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suja’i Al-Badrawi Al-Azhari, rahmatullahita'ala 'alayhi.  He was born on the  1197 AH / 1783 Common Era. He is an Egyptian Shafi’i grammarian and jurist. His lineage goes back to the village of Al-Sajja'iya. He has many works, all of which are explanations, footnotes, treatises, and texts.

Imam Hassan bin Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Hanafi, rahimahulah, said of him
"Al-Suja'i was issued with teaching during his father’s life and after his death in his positions, and he became one of the most notable scholars and participated in every science and excelled in Western sciences. He adhered to his father and took from him the knowledge of wisdom and guidance and explained it to Al-Qadi Zadeh, reading, researching and investigating... He has useful comments and letters in these arts, and he has prowess in writing, knowledge of the language and memorisation. "






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