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Arabic Grammar : Darsi

Al Durar al-Lawami : 2 Vols, Arabic
Al Durar al-Lawami : 2 Vols, Arabic
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Details: Al-Durar al-Lawami : 2 Vols, Arabic, New,
Sharh Ala Hama' al-Hawami,
*[A4] Hardback - pages, 2 Volume Set,
by Shaykh Ahmad bin al-Amin al-Shinqiti [d.1331h],
Ala Hama al-Hawami by Imam al-Suyuti [d.911h],
Published by Dar Ihya wa Turath al-Arabi, Beirut.

Description :

Al-Durar al-Lawami - This work is Imam al-Shanqiti’s, rahimahullah, well-known work in Arabic language, grammar and literature, commentating on the famous Hama al-Hawami’ of Imam Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti, alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan.

This edition : Printed on white paper with some tashkeel.  This is a two volume set published by Dar al-Ihya al-Turath al-'Arabiya, in Beirut. See images below for sample pages.

About the Author :

He is al-Shaykh Ahmad ibn al-Amin al-Shinqiti, (al-Shanqiti) [1280–1331 after Hijri]  - [1863 –1913 Common Era]. His lineage can be traced to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, came from a scholarly family and tribe in present day Mauritania renowned for its knowledge and active implementation of the deen.

Imam al-Shinqiti was the first Mauritanian author to be published in print. He was born in Mederdra, in the south of present-day Mauritania. A member of the scholarly and pious tribe (zawaya, or zwaya), he received a religious and intellectual education appropriate to his social status, including Arabic language and literature and the Islamic Sciences.

Imam Jalal-Al-Din Al-Suyuti, may Allah be pleased with him, (849–911 AH / 1445–1505 CE) was born, lived and was buried in Cairo. The ascription ‘Al-Suyuti’ is a reference to Asyut, a town in Upper Egypt from which his family hailed. Known as the ‘son of books’ from the numerous books he studied and referred to in his works, he could equally be called the ‘father of books’ because of the many books he produced.

From his early years, Al-Suyuti devoted his life to learning, reading, writing and teaching, holding notable positions in those fields in the city of Cairo at a time when it was the centre of Islamic learning par excellence. He was an outstanding scholar, second to none in the field of Qur'anic Sciences (Ulum Al-Qur’an), in which he produced many well-known works. However, being the all-round scholar that he was, his contributions covered almost all the fields of Arabic, the Qur’an, the Traditions (hadith) and History. His works were of such superb quality that they earned him the respect of his generation and the generations that followed to the present day. Most important of these in the field of Quranic Sciences was his Al-Itqān.

Selection of works by Imam al-Suyuti,

Rest of the Dars e Nizami book range.

*Single Volume Dimensions : 24.5 x 17.5cm.

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