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Little Batul's Eid Celebration
Little Batul's Eid Celebration
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Arabic Alphabet Board Book
Arabic Alphabet Board Book
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The Adolescents
The Adolescents
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Ash-Shifa: The Perfect Cure
Ash-Shifa: The Perfect Cure
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Details:  Ash-Shifa: The Perfect Cure,
[A5] Booklet - 26 pages,
by Khadijah Abdullah Ebrahim.

Description :

Al-hamdulilah just as our beautiful Deen (which is so perfect & complete!) provides a solution to every facet of our daily lives, so too does it offer a cure for all illnesses and diseases.

Only those who are ill or have a loved one affected by a trying ailment would truly understand how far and wide they would actually search to seek a cure, or perhaps just simple relief from their suffering.  

In the midst of chronic or severe illness, a patient embarks on a tireless search for a solution, wherever he may find it. Together with prescribed medication from a doctor or specialist, he would attempt all sorts of remedies and suggestions from relatives and friends offering useful advice. And finally when all else fails, he loses courage and begins to feel totally helpless and downhearted ...

Do not despair! Rest assured, there definitely is an answer to your dilemma and it lies in turning your gaze towards our Most Kind and Merciful Allah. Search for your solution through the guidance of the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and you would truly appreciate the outcome.

Muslims should adopt sabr (patience) to the best of our ability when inflicted with an ailment, bearing in mind - it is just a test from Allah, subhanhu wa Ta'ala, and hoping for forgiveness and reward.

It is through Allah alone that medicine has an affect. If He wishes, it will be beneficial. And if He wishes not, the medication will not help in any way.

It is our hope that collectively with medication; one would endeavour to seek remedies from the Noble Qur'an and Ahadith of our Beloved Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. These have a truly profound effect in curing illnesses, more so than the usual medications, providing that the patient possesses strong Imaan (faith) together with complete tawakkul (reliance) and true yaqeen (faith) in the Divine remedies.

Table of Contents :

---Black Seed,
---Olive Oil,
---Sha'eer (Barley),
---Advice for the Sick,
---Advice when visiting the sick,
---Salaatul Haajah.

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