A Guide to the Turuq of Hafs : New

A Guide to the Turuq of Hafs :
& The Variant Recitations, New,
[Advanced Level Tajwid - 2nd Edition],
[A5+] Large Paperback - 84 pages
by Abu Ahmad M FazleHaq,
Published by Zein Hud Publications.


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Description :

‘A Guide to the Turuq of Hafs & the Variant Recitations’. There is no doubt that Muslims in unquantifiable numbers have tenaciously persevered in learning and teaching the Qur’an throughout all of the ages since its revelation. Hence, it is well established that the most preserved scripture today is the Qur’an, which is a fulfilment of the promise of Allah, in Surah al-Hijr verse 9:

“Indeed, We have revealed the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur’an)
and surely we are its protectors.”


This book is a guide to one of the established methods of recitation known as the riwayah of Hafs from ‘Asim. With elaborate illustrations, diagrams and tables, this guide covers the variant recitations within the riwayah of Hafs that have been transmitted through numerous chains of narrations, known as Turuq; hence, it is titled ‘A Guide to the Turuq of Hafs & the Variant Recitations’. The author seeks forgiveness from the most merciful, the ever kind Lord of all worlds, and prays that this brief guide becomes a means for his salvation in the hereafter. ---Abu Ahmad M Fazlehaq.




Table of Contents :

------Difference between Qur'an and Sunnah,
------Receiving Revelation,
------The Variant Recitations and Seven Ahruf,
------The Qira'ah of 'Asim,

---Conditions of Qira'ah Sahihah,
------Arabic Grammar,
------Uthmani script,
------Sound Chain,

---Switching between the Variant Recitations,
------Diagram 1 of Turuq,
------The Books.

---Places of Difference,
---In the Turuq of Hafs,
----------Madd Muttasil,
----------Madd Munfasil,
----------Madd Ta'zim.

---Sakt on the Sakin letter before the Hamzah,
---Idgham of Nun Sakinah and Tanwin into Lam and Ra,
---Differences in Various Words,
------The differences,
---The 'Ayn ...;
---Tafkhim and Tarqiq of the Ra ...,
---Ya ...,
---Dad of ...,
---Waqf on....

---Tariq al-Hashmi,
---Tariq Abi Tahir,
---Tariq al-Fil,
---Tariq Zar'an.

------Important Rules of Takbir,
------Mudud and Idgham into Lam and Ra,
------Mudud and Takbir,
------Mudud and Sakt,
------Tilawah Practice.






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