Naat for a New Generation

Naat : For a New Generation : New,
*[A5+] Hardback - 226 pages,
by M N Sialvi, &
by H B Sahibzada,
Published by STI Publishing.

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Description :
Naat for a New Generation : In this New compilation you will find Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi and English poetry - different languages, all with one aim, praising the Beloved Prophet, ?.
Each poem is translated into plain English, but these are not simple translations for the purpose of understanding alone. The translation of each poem is written in rhyming verse, to complement the original work so that they can both be recited in a single tune, seamlessly flowing from Arabic to English or Farsi to English, or Urdu and Punjabi to English.
The Beloved's praise is praise indeed,
For praised like him, not one has been.

Muhammad, ?, - most praised, is his name,
Most praised in all of God's domain
Extract from the Foreword :

" What we can conclude is that Naat, when written correctly, is really a form of Salawat and Salaam. This is why we say that composing Naat is not the place of every other person. It is only the place of those who have dived to the depths of the etiquettes of Tawhid and Risaalah.
Those who possess, in addition to knowledge of the sciences and arts, a mindfulness regarding the next life. Those who apply the Sunnah practically; whose very existence is filled to the core with the Prophet's, ?, love and who are well aware of the great honour of the Prophet's, ?, Family and Companions, especially the Rightly Guided Caliphs, may Allah be pleased with them all.
This collection of Naat (poems) with English translation is a step forwad, worthy of many congratulations. " ---Shaykh Muhammad Habibur Rahman Mahboobi.
Table of Contents :
---Foreword by Shaykh Habib al-Rahman Mahboobi,
---Translator's Foreword,
------1. What is Naat?
------2. Why do we need Naat?
------3. A delicate balance,
------4. Naat as a profession,
------5. Payment for reciting Naat,
------6. Advice for budding munshids,
------7. Conclusion.
---Translator's Note,
---Accompanying online audio/visual content.
---A word about the transliteration.
Naat & Poetry Contents :
---[1]. Arabic :
------1. Hasbi Rabbi JallAllah,
---------Declaration of Tawheed - The Sufi's Chant,
------2. Khuz bi lutfik ya Ilahi,
---------Munaajaat - The Plea of as-Siddiq al-Akbar, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------3. Mawlaaya salla wa sallim daa'iman abada,
---------Qaseeda al-Burda - The Mantle Ode,
------4. Muhammadun ashraful a'raabi wal 'ajami,
---------Qaseeda Muhammadiyya - The Muhammadan Ode,
------5. Qamarun,
---------Qaseeda Qamarun - The Ode of the Moon,
------6. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka,
---------Salawat - Greetings of Love.
---[2]. Farsi :
------1. Kareema beh bakhshaa-ay bar haalay maa,
---------Kareema - Lord of Mercy,
------2. Sayyiday Kownayn Khtam ul Mursaleen,
---------Pand Nama e 'Attar - Attar's Book of Wisdom,
------3. Man Shabay Siddiq raa Deedam ba-Khaab,
---------Rafeeq e Nabuwwat - The Prophet's, ?, Dearest Companion,
------4. Maryam az yak Nisbatay 'Eesa 'Azeez,
---------Sayyida an-Nisa Fatimah az-Zahra, radi Allahu ta'ala anha, - A Complete example for the Women of Islam,
------5. Banda-ay Parwardigaaram,
---------Allow me to Introduce Myself - The Sunni's Identity,
---[3]. Urdu :
------1. Ya Ilaahi har jaga teri ataa ka sath ho,
---------O Allah! - A Call for help ...
------2. Sab say Awla o A'ala Hamara Nabi,
---------Our Prophet, ?, - Simply the Best,
------3. Zahay 'Izzatow I'tilaa ay Muhammad, ?,
---------The Rank of Muhammad - Peace and Blessings be Upon Him,
------4. Sarwar Kahoon keh maalikow mawla kahoon tujhe,
---------Lost for Words - How Can I Describe You?
------5. Kya hi Zawq afzaa Shafaa'at hai Tumhaari, wah wah,
---------The Prophet's, ?, Sweet Intercession - Wah1 Wah!
------6. Sachee baat sikhaatay yeh hain,
---------As-Saadiq, al-Ameen - Teacher of Truth,
------7. Ay Ahmad Mursal Nooray Khudaa,
---------The Guiding Light from Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, - Sayyiduna Ahmad Rasoolullah, ?,
------8. Aaminah Bibi kay Gulshn main aaee hay taaza bahaar,
--------The Flower Garden of Lady Aminah, radi Allahu ta'ala anha, - Lullaby for Devoted Little Hearts,
------9. Subhi Taybaa main huee, bat-thaa hai baai'a Noor ka,
---------Qaseeda Noor - The Ode of Sacred Light,
------10. Woh Kamaalay Husnay Huzoor Hai,
----------Pure from All Suspicion - The Perfection of His Beauty,
------11. Soona jungle, raat andheri,
----------A Desolate Place; A Black Night - My Radiant Knight,
------12. Ay Shaafi'ay Umam, Shahay zee jaah, lay Khabar,
----------An Appeal to the Mediator for Humanity - By God, Look Over Me!
------13. Baagh Jannat kay hain behray mad-ha khaanay Ahlay Bayt,
-----------Qaseeda Ahl al-Bayt - Ode to the Noble Household,
------14. Woh bilyaqeen Hussain hai,
-----------This is Husayn, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, Leader
------15. Likaa hai ayk maghrabee haq shanaas nay,
-----------Sayyiduna Bilal al-Habshi, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, - Bilal of Abyssinia vs Alexander of Macedon,
------16. Mustafaa Jaanay Rahmat pay Laakon Salaam,
-----------Qaseeda Salaamiya - The Ode of Salutations.
---[4]. Punjabi :
------1. Zaahir baatin paak 'aqeeda dil mayray vich paaeen,
---------Outer and Inner Purity - The Perfect Balance.
---[5]. English :
------1. Once upon a time, long before time,
---------Alhamdulilah! - The Blessings of Mawlid (Milad an-Nabi),
------2. When the year of the sorrow came to be,
---------SubhanAllah! - The Miracle of Mi'raj an-Nabi (The Prophet's, ?, Night Journey),
------3. The Noble Book of Allah...
---------Allahu Akbar! - The Glory of the Qur'an.
---[6]. Miscellaneous Poems :
------1. Connected,
------2. I'tikaf,
------3. Khitaab ba jawaanaanay Islam - To the Muslim Youth,
---[7]. Appendices :
------1. Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------2. Imam al-Busiri, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------3. Shaykh Sa'di al-Shirazi, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------4. Shaykh Fareedudin 'Attar, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------5. Imam Ahmad Rida al-Qadiri, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------6. Mawlana Hasan Rida al-Qadiri, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------7. Pir Sayyid Muhammad Nayk 'Alam, rahmatullahi 'alayhi,
------8. Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, rahmatullahi 'alayhi,
------9. Abu al-Athar Hafeez Jalandhari, rahmatullahi 'alayhi.
Published to a higher standard than regular Naat Books.
Also see Naat & Qasidah : Urdu only.

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