Reflections of the Beloved

Reflections of the Beloved :
(Revised Edition), New,
*[A5] Paperback - 105 pages, English & Arabic,
Translated by Mustafa Styer,
Published by No Other Design.


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Description :

A beautiful collection of seventeen qasa'id authored by Sufi masters which are part of a living tradition of Sufi poetry. These qasa'id are still sung in gatherings throughout North Africa, the Levant, and, increasingly, in the West.

Most of the qasa'id chosen for this collection were penned in the last three-hundred years, thus demonstrating the vitality of Sufi poetry as well as its  pertinence to the present time, as some of these poems were authored in the twentieth century by masters Shaykh Ahmad al-'Alawi and Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri, may Allah have mercy upon their soul.

Shaykh Mustafa Styer, from Houston, Texas, has had the privilege of studying in one of the leading Islamic colleges in Damascus, Jami'a Abi Noor and is well versed in aqeedah, (Shafi) fiqh and tajweed amongst other subjects. He is foremost an educationalist and researcher for the development of an Islamic curriculum. He has completed an Masters degree in curriculum development and is currently engaged in a PhD at Oxford University. He has many years of experience teaching in both primary and secondary Islamic faith schools and has been actively involved in developing and Islamicising curricula during his work.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction :

---[1]. Etiquette of the Path (Adab at-Tariq) Ma Ladhdhat al-'Iysh by Al-Ghawth Abu Madyan,
---[2]. We Begin in His Name (Nabda'a Bism al-Qadir) Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yellis,
---[3]. Demands of the Beloved (Ayyuha al-'Ashiq) Al-Izz ibn Abdus Salam al-Maqdisi,
---[4]. Qasida of the Khalwa (Ayya Murid Allah) Shaykh Ahmad al-'Alawi,
---[5]. Allah Bless our Means Unto You (Salli Ya Salam) Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yellis,
---[6]. The Vision was Clear (Safat al-Nadhrah) Shaykh Ahmad al-'Alawi,
---[7]. Rest and Refreshment (Rawhun wa Rayhan) Shaykh Ahmad al-'Alawi,
---[8]. The Strangest of Matters (Wa Min A'jab al-'Amr) Shaykh Abdul Ghani Nabalusi,
---[9]. The Curtains of Between were Raised (Rufi'at Astar al-Bayn) Sahykh Abdur Rahman Shaghouri
---[10]. My Waiting has Grown Long (Ya Habibi Tala Shawqi) Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Kurdi,
---[11]. I've no Concern but You (Ma Li Siwak) Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Kurdi,

Additions from other collections :

---[12]. Say Allah! And Leave Creation (Allah Qul wa Dhar al-Wujud) Al-Ghawth Abu Madyan,
---[13]. You're My Everything (Antum Furudi wa Nafli) Sultan al-'Ashiqin ibn al-Farid,
---[14]. Gateway Unto the Real (Babu Had al-Khalq) Anonymous,
---[15]. Love of Every Heart (Ya Habib al-Qulub) Hadhrat Rabiah al'Adawiyah,
---[16]. Beware of Seeing other than Him (Iyyaka Tashhada Ghayrah) Shaykh Abdul Ghani Nabalusi,
---[17]. Don't Settle for other than Allah as Your Love (Fa la Tarda bi Ghayr Allahi Hibban) Shaykh Ahmad al-'Alawi.





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