Divine Sayings : The Mishkat al-Anwar

Divine Sayings : 
The Mishkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi,
101 Hadith Qudsi (The Niche of Lights),
*[A5+] Paperback - 120 pages,
by Shaykh Muhiyy 'ud-Din ibn al-Arabi,
Published by Anqa Publishing.

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Description :

Mishkat al-Anwar fima ruwiya 'an Allah min al-Akhbar is a collection of 101 hadith sayings, this work is one of the most important and influential early collections of hadith qudsi. Falling into three categories, the first 40 sayings each have a full, unbroken chain of transmission that goes back to God through the medium of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant peace. The second category are sayings mostly taken from well-known written collections. The final section is drawn from similar books, with Ibn 'Arabi, may Allah be pleased with him, adding one extra hadith, orally transmitted. Comprised of a full introduction explaining the meaning of Hadith, the text stresses the importance of this tradition in Ibn 'Arabi's writing.

Apart from the Qur'an al-karim, the most treasured sayings in the Islamic tradition are those of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant peace, himself, which form the Hadith, and none more so than the sayings of God transmitted by the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah Shower His Mercy & Blessings upon him, known as hadith qudsi ("sacred sayings").

Ibn 'Arabi’s 'Divine Sayings' is one of the most important and influential early collections of hadith qudsi. It comprises 101 sayings, drawn from the oral tradition as well as written collections.

These 'Divine Sayings' are universal in nature, expounding the divine root of all goodness and beauty, and can be appreciated by people from any background. Recurring themes include our utter dependence upon God, and His readiness to forgive and embrace those who truly turn to Him. This book is a most wonderful gift.

'Divine Sayings' is a critical edition and translation of the full Arabic text, with notes, compiled from the best early manuscripts.

Table of Contents :


The 101 Hadith Qudsi,


Part One :
---Hadith  [1].  Forbidding injustice,
---Hadith  [2].  Dispensing with association,
---Hadith  [3].  The believer with little means,
---Hadith  [4].  Promoting peace and reconciliation,
---Hadith  [5].  The veiling of Paradise and Hell,
---Hadith  [6].  Reciting the Fatiha,
---Hadith  [7].  The child of Adam slanders Me,
---Hadith  [8].  Remembering Me and forgetting Me,
---Hadith  [9].  The Hand of God is full,
---Hadith [10].  I am with My servant when he remembers,
---Hadith [11].  Fear and security,
---Hadith [12].  I shall shelter them in My Shade,
---Hadith [13].  I am in My servant’s thought of Me,
---Hadith [14].  God’s address to one of the people of Hell,
---Hadith [15].  Pride is My cloak,
---Hadith [16].  The intercession of the Most Merciful,  and His Good-Pleasure,
---Hadith [17].  A religion with which I am well-pleased,
---Hadith [18].  Vision of the Lord,
---Hadith [19].  Destined for Hell or Paradise,
---Hadith [20].  Satisfaction with My decree,
---Hadith [21].  What no eye has seen nor ear heard,
---Hadith [22].  He who hopes for other than Me,
---Hadith [23].  The last to enter Paradise,
---Hadith [24].  When God created Adam, peace be upon him,
---Hadith [25].  When God created the Earth,
---Hadith [26].  I am your Lord,
---Hadith [27].  I am with him when he remembers Me,
---Hadith [28].  I shall forgive you,
---Hadith [29].  The blessing of rain,
---Hadith [30].  God hears him who praises Him,
---Hadith [31].  Dividing the Fatiha and granting the prayer,
---Hadith [32].  Concerning purity,
---Hadith [33].  Those who love one another,
---Hadith [34].  Compensation for loss of sight,
---Hadith [35].  The coming of those who deceive through religion,
---Hadith [36].  I gave you gifts; what have you done?
---Hadith [37].  The community of Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, at the Resurrection,
---Hadith [38]. Greeting and blessing the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---Hadith [39].  Devotion to My worship,
---Hadith [40].  There is no god but God.

Part Two :
---Khabar [1].  Abraham and disobeying the Beloved,
---Khabar [2].  David and the attachment of the heart,
---Khabar [3].  Moses and the work God loves most,
---Khabar [4].  I am completely aware of My lovers,
---Khabar [5].  Concerning one who kills himself,
---Khabar [6].  Remembering Me when facing the enemy,
---Khabar [7].  The supremacy of Mercy over Anger,
---Khabar [8].  Contentment with one’s portion,
---Khabar [9].  God’s welcome to the people of Paradise
---Khabar [10].  How you wrong Me,
---Khabar [11].  Pleasure and hardship,
---Khabar [12].  Creation and provision,
---Khabar [13].  Peace and goodness in Paradise,
---Khabar [14].  The lover’s right,
---Khabar [15].  The Faithful,
---Khabar [16].  The King’s descent,
---Khabar [17].  The counting of deeds,
---Khabar [18].  I have created you for My sake,
---Khabar [19].  Regarding the morrow,
---Khabar [20].  Surrender and Peace,
---Khabar [21].  Obligations and nourishment,
---Khabar [22].  Prayer and sufficiency,
---Khabar [23].  The time for charity,
---Khabar [24].  Giving generously,
---Khabar [25].  My treasuries are never exhausted,
---Khabar [26].  Raising the veils for the people of Paradise,
---Khabar [27].  My Power is permanent,
---Khabar [28].  The ruse of God,
---Khabar [29].  I shall give you gifts,
---Khabar [30].  I accept the prayer of one who humbles himself,
---Khabar [31].  Abandoning evil for the sake of God,
---Khabar [32].  Completing what is required,
---Khabar [33].  The impetuosity of man,
---Khabar [34].  Moses and the pillars of religion,
---Khabar [35]. The prophet–servant and the prophet–king,
---Khabar [36].  Demeaning a saint,
---Khabar [37].  The act God loves most,
---Khabar [38].  All that you wish, I wish,
---Khabar [39].  I am Time,
---Khabar [40].  I have forgiven them. 

Part Three :
---Hadith [1].  God’s pledge to him who goes forth to fight,
---Hadith [2].  God’s wonder at him who goes forth to fight,
---Hadith [3].  The bounty apportioned to the martyr,
---Hadith [4].  The people of invocation,
---Hadith [5].  Moses’ request for invocation,
---Hadith [6].  God’s prayer over the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---Hadith [7].  The tie of kinship,
---Hadith [8].  The necessity of love,
---Hadith [9].  When God loves a servant,
---Hadith [10].  A Lord who forgives sin,
---Hadith [11].  My servant draws near to Me,
---Hadith [12].  The acceptance of deeds,
---Hadith [13].  The service of the world,
---Hadith [14].  The ingratitude of a servant,
---Hadith [15].  Redemption through the Name of God,
---Hadith [16].  Desiring other than Me,
---Hadith [17].  Those whose requests are not rejected,
---Hadith [18].  The recompense on the Day of Resurrection,
---Hadith [19].  The reciter, the martyr and the wealthy man,
---Hadith [20].  The hypocrite,
---Hadith [21].  God's address to the people of Paradise, their request and His Reply.

---Notes to the translation,
---Appendix : Hadith and Ibn al'Arabi,
---Index of first lines.




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More Hadith & Sunnah.


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