The Muslim Womans Handbook

 The Muslim Woman's Handbook -
*[A5] Paperback - 87 pages, [2018 Reprint]
by Huda Khattab,
Published in the UK.

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Description :

A sensitive and sensible look at the main issues with which Muslim women are often faced, not only as a result of ignorant attacks in the media by non-Muslims, but also in situations where they come across Muslims who are not fully aware of what the teach.

The Muslim Woman's Handbook is a practical guide to daily life as a Muslim woman in a non-Muslim society. It tackles such matters as 'Ibadah (worship), menstruation, Hijab, education, work, health, etc. in a down-to-earth manner. These are basic matters, but ones which we need to understand fully.

This book is the result of the author's personal experience and observations of the things a Muslim woman needs to know about. Aimed at born-Muslims and reverts alike, The Muslim Woman's Handbook should be on every Muslim woman's bookshelf.

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1]. Ibadah (Worship),
------Salat (Prayer),
------Prayer in the Mosque,
------Leading the Prayer,
------Jum'ah (Friday) Prayer,
------Eid Prayers,
------Sawm (Fasting),
------Zakat (Charity),
------Hajj (Pilgrimage),
------Reading the Qur'an,
------Jihad Explained,

---Chapter [2]. Taharah (Purity and Cleanliness),
------Hayd (Menstruation),
------Minimum and maximum length of period,
------Istihadah (Non-menstrual flow),
------Nifas (Post-natal bleeding),
------Personal hygiene,

---Chapter [3]. Hijab,
------The External Hijab,
------The Internal Hijab,
------The Voice,
------Pubs and the Like,
------Handshakes and touching,

---Chapter [4]. Social Life,
------Sport and Exercise,
------Music and singing,
------Movies and Cinema,
------Laughter and Jokes,

---Chapter [5]. Careers: Education and Work,
------Knowledge and Education,
------Work outside the home,

---Chapter [6]. Marriage,
------Finding a partner,
------Rights and duties,

---Chapter [7]. Divorce,
------Prevention is better than cure,
------When a marriage goes wrong,
------Custody of children,

---Chapter [8]. Health,
------Medical examination and treatment,
------Medicines and treatments,
------Herbal remedies,
------Blood transfusion and organ transplant,
------Nutrition and Diet,
------Pregnancy and childbirth,
------Subfertility and infertility,


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