Al-Buti & The Syrian Revolution

Al-Buti & The Syrian Revolution : New,
[A5+] Paperback - 348 pages,
by Bachar Bakhour,
Published by IBT Malaysia.


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Description :

Although Syria, since the 1960s, has been dominated by a decidedly secular-nationalist regime, the 2011 uprising has demonstrated that the role of Islam in the country’s social and religious scene cannot be underestimated.The uprising, which turned into a revolution and a civil war, created a deep schism among Sunni Muslim ulema who played an influential role in encouraging/discouraging protests.

This book explores the views of Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti, one of the most outstanding Muslim Sunni scholars of contemporary Syria (d. 2013). Al-Buti opposed initial protests and considered the revolution as religiously illegitimate and politically motivated by foreign powers. His stance has engendered much controversy not only in Syria but also in the Arab as well as the Muslim worlds. Numerous scholars and authors have interpreted al-Buti’s stance as full support of the regime and have cited his earlier position against the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Syria in the 1980s. Others, however, have argued that al-Buti was an independent scholar who was following his ijtihad, be it for the benefit of the regime or against it. Given that most of the writings on al-Buti’s view on the revolution lacks a clear and comprehensive analysis, the book offers the first sustained treatment of this religio-political issue by exploring its multiple dimensions and various ramifications.




Dr. Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti (or al-Bouti) was an influential traditional Sunni (shafi'i) scholar based in Syria. He was a prolific author of over 60 works and was extremely devout and humble.

Sadly Shaykh al-Bouti, may Allah give him mercy, was martyred [March 2013] during the Syrian civil war whilst giving a sermon in his Mosque in Damascus.

More works related to Shaykh al-Buti,


The Author :

Bachar Bakour, is originally from Syria, and currently based in Malaysia as an Assistant Professor at the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia, (IIUM). He has PhD in Islamic Thought and Civilisation from the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation (ISTAC), IIUM. He also hold BA in Shari‘a and BA in Arabic (al-Azhar University) and MA in Islamic Studies (Loughborough University, UK). The title of his PhD thesis is “Al-Buti's Perspective on the Syrian Revolution of 2011: An analytical Study.”

His works include:

---Islam & the West between the Myth of Confrontation and the Reality of Cooperation;
---A Dictionary of Islamic Terms (Arabic-English),
---The Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Example.

His research interests are the dialogue of CiviliSation, Islam-West relations, & Islam and politics.


Table of Contents :

---List of Tables,
---List of Figures,

Dr Ramadan Al-Buti and The Syrioan Revolution :

---Chapter [1]. Religion and State in Syria,
------Islamic Revivial in Post-Independence Syria : Outline,
------Major Religious Groups and Institutions in Post-Independence Syria : Overview,
------The Muslim Brotherhood Movement,
------Shaykh Mustafa al-Siba'i [1915 - 1964]
------'Isam al-'Attar [1927 -  ]
------Sufi Orders,
---------The Naqshbandi Order,
---------The Shadhili Order,
---------The Qadiri Order,
---------The Rifa'i Order,
---------The Tijani Order,
------Religious Associations and Institutions.

---Chapter [2]. Al-Buti : His Life and Contribution to Islamic Thought,
------His Life,
------His Career,
------Al-Buti as Defender of Islam,
------Al-Buti vs Tizini,
------His Works: A Brief Synopsis,
---------1. Theology,
---------2. Islamic Jurisprudence,
---------3. Legal Theory,
---------4. Qur'anic Studies,
---------5. Sufism,
---------6. The Prophet's Biography,
---------7. Islamic Dawah,
---------8. Religion vs Philosophy,
---------9. Contemporary Intellectual Issues,
---------10. Literature,
------Al-Buti's Distinguished Scholarly Achievements,
---------Al-Fiqh wa 'Usul al-Fiqh,
---------Polemical Works,
---------Critical Issues,
---------Normal Topics.

---Chapter [3]. Al-Buti's Discourse on Islamic Movements,
-------Introductory Concepts,
-------Major Issues in the Rhetoric of Islamists,
-------Takfir of Rulers,
-------Targetting the Oppressors' Helpers,
-------The Question of Tatarrus,
-------Problems with Creating Islamist Parties,
-------Al-Nursi's Experience,
-------Critical Evaluation,
----------The Applicability of the Seven Issues,
----------Islamist Parties : Redundant or Essential ?
----------The Question of Tatarrus Re-examined,
----------Da'wah : Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Approaches.

---Chapter [4]. Overview of the Syrian Revolution and the Response of the Sunni Ulema,
------The Arab Spring : Spontaneous or Manipulated?
------The Syrian Revolution : Causes and Consequences,
---------The Origin of the Conflict,
---------Understanding the Regimes Survivial,
---------Ulema and the Regime in the Aftermath of the Revolution : Control or Compromise?
---------Anti-Regime Ulema,
---------Pro-Regime Ulema,
---------Quietist Ulema.

---Chapter [5]. Al-Buti's View on the Syrian Revolution,
------Making Sense of Al-Buti - Regime Relation,
------Al-Buti's Five-Point Discourse on the Revolution,
---------Foreign conspiracy,
---------Demonstrations Exploited,
---------Armed Rebellion Prohibited,
---------Bottom-Up Reform,
---------Avoidance of Fitnah,
------Arguments Challenging Al-Buti's View,
---------The First Category,
---------The Second Category,
---------The Third Category,
---------The Fourth Category,
------Arguments Clarifying Al-Buti's View, The Four Articles,
---------Misconceptions attributed to Al-Buti,
---------Is Al-Buti a Pro-Regime Scholar ?

---Chapter [6]. Evaluating Al-Buti's Argument via the Concept of "Obedience,"
---------The Need for Authority,
---------Making Sense of the Obedience Verse,
---------What Ulu al-Amr Stands for ?
---------Characteristics of Ulu al-Amr,
---------The Verse's Contextual Circumstance,
------Obedience Traditions Analysed,
---------What "Emir" and "Imam" Signify,
---------The Community,
------Deconstructing the "Absolute" Obedience,
------The Ummah : A Source of Authority,
------The Three-Level Obedience,
------Contextualising the Armed Rebellion,
---------Issue of Disbelief and Consensus,
---------Prerequisites for Rebellion,
---------Contemporary Rebellion,
---------The Term Fitnah Reconsidered,
---------Fitnah Definition,
---------Fitnah-Creating Fighting,
---------Fitnah in the Syrian Context,
---------Fitnah and Tyranny,
---------Fighting Under Anonymous Leadership.

------An Analysis of the Question of Obedience,
------Shortcomings of Al-Buti's Discourse on the Revolution.

---Appendix I :
------In-Depth Interviews,
------List of Interviewees,
------Perspective Widening Questions,




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