Spiritual Insights: 5 Ba 'Alawi Treatises

Spiritual Insights : New,
'The Threaded Pearls
& other Ba 'Alawi Treatises
[A5] Paperback - 173 pages,
Translated by Mostafa al-Badawi,
Edited by Dr. Muhammad Isa Waley,
for Ihya Publishing.


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Description :

The Spiritual Insights presents five classic treatises from the illustrious tradition of the Ba ‘Alawi Sayyids, scholars and spiritual masters of Hadramawt in southern Yemen, expertly translated with full commentaries.

The five treatises' being :

   *** 'The Threaded Pearls: An Exposition of the Method of the ‘Alawi Sayyids' by Habib Muhammad Ibn Husayn al-Habashi,

   *** 'The Four Circles: Insights for the Brethren on the Circles of Islam,' by Habib Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih,

   *** 'Unveiling the Truth of the Sciences of Reality' by Habib Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih,

   *** 'Prayer of the Drawn-Near' by Habib al-Hasan Ibn Salih al-Bahr al-Jufri,

   *** 'The Seven Stages of a Human Being' by Habib Ahmad Ibn Zayn al-Habashi.


The various aspects and levels of the ‘Alawis’ teaching activity are amply reflected in this selection. ‘The Threaded Pearls’ describes how their methodology combines the complementary approaches of Imam al-Ghazali and Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili, may Allah be pleased with them both. ‘Insights for the Brethren’ expounds the bases of the religion as 'The Four Circles’: Islam, ImanIhsan, and ‘Irfan. ‘Unveiling the Truth’ answers four questions from correspondents about the legitimacy of certain individuals’ actions and sayings. ‘Prayer of the Drawn-Near’ discusses the difference between rational knowledge and deep cognition gained through direct, experiential ‘witnessing’. Lastly, ‘The Seven Stages of a Human Being’ explains the correspondences between the sensory and the Unseen and between the different hierarchical levels of Existence.



Dr Mostafa Badawi is a leading historian, author and translator of many Islamic works. He specialises in tasawwuf in relation to the Ba 'Alawi tariqah. 

Mostafa al-Badawi is a Consultant Psychiatrist and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He studied under many shaykhs, foremost among whom is the late Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad, may Allah have mercy upon his soul. Dr. Badawi is also one of the leading contemporary translators of Islamic books from Arabic into English, and his works include Book of Assistance, The Lives of Man, Key to the Garden, and Degrees of the Soul, not to mention numerous others.




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