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Ba 'Alawiya

The Clarification of Noble Character 2nd
The Clarification of Noble Character 2nd
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  • Authored by: Habib Umar bin Hafiz

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Details:  The Clarification of Noble Character,
*[A5+] Paperback - 209 pages,
by al-Habib 'Umar bin Hafiz,
Translated by: Ibrahim Osi Ifa,
by Yahya Rhodus,
by Faiz Qursehy,
& by Amin Buxton,
Published by Dar al-Turath al-Islami.

New 2015 2nd Edition,

Description :

If Allah wishes to bestow His grace upon someone, He places in their heart the desire to travel the path towards self-purification and gives them the ability to rectify the attributes of their soul. Allah decreed that success in this life and the next be judged according to the degree to which people purify their souls and attain noble character.

It is thus the duty of every believer to seek to attain noble character and emulate their Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said :

I was only sent to perfect noble character.”

In a series of thirty lessons, al-Habib 'Umar bin Hafiz discusses the importance of character refinement and focuses on the traits and qualities that every believer should strive to acquire. He demonstrates how the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and the pious people of his nation embody each character trait and shows the reader how to emulate them.

In our times we have never been more in need of improving our character and rectifying ourselves. This is a book for every seeker, every believer and every family. May it be a source of light for every heart and the catalyst for moral transformation.

This Second Edition includes an appendix containing excerpts from some of Habib Umar’s lectures as well as his answers to questions that were posed to him. He expands upon noble character, offers advice to those living in non-Muslim countries and explains the root problems of the Ummah.

Table of Contents :


---Lesson [1] : Introduction to Noble Character,
---Lesson [2] : Improving One's Character,
---Lesson [3] : The Greatness of Patience,
---Lesson [4] : Putting Patience into Practice,
---Lesson [5] : Emulating the People of Patience,
---Lesson [6] : Forbearance,
---Lesson [7] : Magnanimity,
---Lesson [8] : Maintaining Bonds of Kinship,
---Lesson [9] : Truthfulness of Speech,
---Lesson [10] : Truthfulness of Action,
---Lesson [11] : Truthfulness of Intention,
---Lesson [12] : Mercy,
---Lesson [13] : Making People Happy,
---Lesson [14] : Showing Kindness to One's Parents,
---Lesson [15] : Good Treatment of Neighbours,
---Lesson [16] : Assisting the Oppressed,
---Lesson [17] : Keeping Promises,
---Lesson [18] : Humility,
---Lesson [19] : Abstinence,
---Lesson [20] : Raising Children,
---Lesson [21] : Instilling Good Character in One's Wife,
---Lesson [22] : The Best Response,
---Lesson [23] : Lowering One's Gaze,
---Lesson [24] : Being Trustworthy,
---Lesson [25] : Honouring Elders and Showing Mercy to the Young,
---Lesson [26] : Brotherhood for Allah's Sake,
---Lesson [27] : Remembrance of Allah,
---Lesson [28] : Gratitude,
---Lesson [29] : Seeking Perfection,
---Lesson [30] : Embracing Noble Character.

---Persons Cited in the Text,
---Supplications Mentioned in the Text.

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