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Hayat e Raza : 4 Vols, Urdu
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Ba 'Alawiya

Risalatul Mudzakarah : Treaty of Mutual Counselling
Risalatul Mudzakarah : Treaty of Mutual Counselling
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Haddad

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Details:  Risalat ul Mudzakarah : [English]  A Treatise of Mutual Counselling -
Between Loving Brothers Among the Righteous and Religious People,
[A5] Glossy Paperback - 81 pages, New,
by Imam 'Abdullah bin Alawi al-Haddad,
*Edited by Abdulkader Ali 'Esa AlHaddad.

Description :

Extract from the Preface : Allah Almighty commanded His believing servants to assist each other in benevolence and be mindful of their duties to Allah [taqwa] and announced that the most honourable of man in His sight are those who are most mindful of their duties to Him [taqwa].

Indeed, He is the protector of the God-fearing, and that He created jinn and mankind for nothing other than to worship and serve Him, and that He did not command them to chase after worldly affairs and accumulate wealth. But instead He had reminded them via his trustworthy Prophet, may Allah's blessings and Peace be upon him, who said :

            ''It was not revealed to me to accumulate wealth and be a merchant,
              but rather to ''glorify your Lord with praises and thanks and be of
              those who prostrate themselves, and worship your Lord until the
              Hour come to you, that is Certain
!''                ---[Al-Qur'an 51:56]

Therefore, the true happiness of the individual and its perfection is fou7nd inobedience to Allah's divine cammand and that for which humanity was created. So one has to create time to execute this (divine command) and devote oneself to it by severing everything that holds back or thwarts one from it, whether they are deviations of deceived fools or the absurdities of the dull indolent.

Table of Contents

---Introduction and Biography of Imam al-Haddad,

---Chapter [1]. Defining Taqwa,
---Chapter [2]. The Rewards - Recompense of Deeds,
---Chapter [3]. Allah's Pleasure and Wrath,
---Chapter [4]. Who Allah Honours,
---Chapter [5]. The Absement of the Corrupt,
---Chapter [6]. Obedience is Compulsory,
---Chapter [7]. Obstacle to Obediences,
---Chapter [8]. Ignorance,
---Chapter [9]. Weakness of Faith (Iman),
---Chapter [10]. Long Term Hopes,
---Chapter [11]. Path to Allah,
----------The Ill-Gotten and Doubtful,
----------Do not take it whether Food or Provision.
---Chapter [12]. Sincerity : The Esseence in Divine Worship,
---Chapter [13]. Ostentation [riyaa] Showing-off,
---Chapter [14]. Beware of Vanity,
---Chapter [15]. Love of the Worldly Life.

---Summary of the Lives and Vanities of this World,

Indonesian Print!

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