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I Say MashAllah : New
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Dala'il Khayrat Colour HB Edition
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Slaves of the All-Merciful
Slaves of the All-Merciful
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Details:  Slaves of the All-MercifulBack in Stock,
*[A5] Paperback - 184 pages,
by Mohsen al-Bayoumi,
Translated by Abd an-Nur Brewer,
Published by Taha, UK.

Description :
In the final verses of Surat al-Furqan, Allah Almighty describes the special characteristics of those elite human beings whom He has raised to a high status both in this world and in the Hereafter. They are ones whom Allah Almighty has honoured by joining their names with His. They are the ones who will be safe on the Day of Judgement. They are the ones whose souls are tranquil and whose hearts have found peace. They are the Slaves of the All-Merciful.

The Slaves of the All-Merciful are living proof of the authenticty of the Message of Islam. They have struggled with their selves and increased their devotion until they have become beloved to Allah, and He has purified their hearts. If we desire to be one of them, if we long to attain to their exalted ranks, we must hasten to learn about their special qualities and strive to imitate them.

This book highlights the special qualities of these people and how we too can achieve them.

Shaykh Mohsen al-Bayoumi first delivered the contents of this book as Friday sermons in Arabic in Kobe Mosque, Japan and later added more detail to them. His lectures were transcribed and translated by Abd an-Nur Anthony Brewer for the English speaking congregation and subsequently compiled in book form.

Table of Contents :

---Preface on Translation and References,
------The Great Honour of Being Selected as Allah's Slave.

---[1]. Humility,

---[2]. Peace,

---[3]. Night Prayers (Tahajjud),

---[4]. The Punishment of the Fire,
------Some of the Names of the Fire,
------Why has Allah Created the Fire?
------What are the Conditions of the Fire?
------Who will Inhabit the Fire?
------How can we avoid the Punishment of the Fire?

---[5]. Spending in the Way of Allah,
------The Test,
------How to Pass the Test,
------Seeking Our Provision,
------Sadaqa (optional acts of charitable generosity),
------The Rights of Allah on Our Provision,
------Allah's Reward for Sadaqa,
------Correct Intention,
------The Middle Way,

---[6]. Sincerity,
------Tawhid, Unification,
------Tawhid adh Dhat, Oneness of the Divine Essence,
------Tawhid ar-Rububiya, Oneness of Lordship,
------Tawhid al-Ulubiya, Oneness in Worship,
------Sincere Intention.

---[7]. Respect for All Forms of Life,
------What is Jihad?
------The Safety of non-Muslims under Islamic Rule,
------When is Fighting Permitted in Islam?
------Taking the Life of another Muslim is Forbidden!
------High Moral Standards,
------Keeping within the Limits,

---[8]. True Repentance,
------What are the Major Wrong Actions?
------Repentance (tawba),
------Fear and Hope,
------The Conditions for Repentance,
------The Conditions Necessary for Repentance to be Accepted,
------The Signs that Repentance is Accepted,
------The True Value of the Material World,

---[9]. False Witness,
------What is the Meaning of Shahadat az-Zur in Islam?
------Never be a Witness for Falsehood,
------Why do People bear False Witness?
------The Crimes of the False Witness,
------The Damaging Effect of False Testimony on Society,
------Associating Partners with Allah (shirk),
------The Responsibility of the Witness,

---[10]. Good Words and Good Company,
------The Good Word,
------Seeking the Good Word,
------Keeping Good Company,

---[11]. Calling to Allah's Way,
------Reminding the Islamic Ummah,
------Calling Non-Muslims to Islam,

---[12]. Accepting Guidance,
------Examples of the Humility of the Slaves of the All-Merciful,
--------a. Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him,
--------b. Manan ibn Mahran, may Allah be pleased with him,

---[13]. Women,
------The Status of Women before Islam,
------Women's Rights in Islam,
------Women's Status in Islam,
------A Woman's Life;
---------a. As a Daughter,
---------b. As a Wife,
---------c. As a Mother,

---[14]. Children,
------Raising Healthy Children,
------The Duties of Parents,
------Living in a Non-Muslim Country,

---[15]. The People of Taqwa,
------The Value of Taqwa,
------The Meaning of Taqwa,
------The Fruits of Taqwa,
------The Signs of Taqwa,

---[16]. The People of the Garden (al-Jannah),
------Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, the Seal of the Prophet's,
------The Names of the Garden,
------Why did Allah Almighty Create the Garden?
------The Attributes of the People of the Garden,
------The Attributes of the Garden,
------The Greatest Gift of the Garden,
------The Garden described in the Noble Qur'an,
------How to Enter the Garden?

---[17]. Supplication,
------The Adab of Du'a,
------Whose Prayer will be Accepted?
------What are the Conditions for a Prayer to be Accepted?

---[18]. Conclusion.


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