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Spiritual Purification in Islam
Spiritual Purification in Islam
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Details: Spiritual Purification in Islam : New,
The Life & Works of al-Muhasibi,
*[A5+] Paperback - 260 pages,
in relation to Imam al-Harith al-Muhasibi [d.243h],
Compiled by Gavin Picken,
Published by Routledge Sufi Series.

Description :

Purification of the soul is a principle that is central to understanding Islamic spirituality but despite this, relatively little has been written explicitly in the Islamic tradition regarding this discrete method of spiritual purification. This book examines the work of a scholar of this discipline, Imam al-Hārith al-Muhāsibī, who lived and worked during the classical Islamic period under the Abbāsids.

Although al-Muhāsibī was well known for his skills in many disciplines, including the Quríān, Prophetic narration and scholastic theology, it is his mastery in the field of Islamic spirituality and moral psychology for which he is best remembered. Assessing the extent to which the political, social and economic factors played a part in his life and work, Gavin Picken provides a comprehensive overview of his work and its great significance in the development of Islamic spirituality.

Reconstructing his life in chronological order and providing the most comprehensive appraisal of his works to date, it explores a facet of al-Muhāsibīís teaching which as yet has not been studied, namely his understanding, concept and methodology regarding the purification of the soul within the Islamic paradigm. As such, it will be of great interest not only to researchers and students of Sufism but also to scholars of comparative spirituality and mysticism.

Gavin Picken is Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Arabic at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the evolution of Islamic intellectual history in the formative period and he has published a number of articles in the areas of Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and Islamic spirituality and mysticism.

Table of Contents :

---A Note on Transliteration.

------Al-Muhasibi Studies,

---[1]. The Abbāsid Crucible : The Historical Background to al-Muhāsibīís Life,
------The Abbasids,
------Intellectual Life in the Early Abbasid Period,
------Basra' in the Early Abbasid Period,
------The First Ascetic School in Basra,
------The Second Ascetic School in Basra,
------The Mu'tazilite School in Basra,
------Baghdad in the Early Abbasid Period,
------The Mystical School in Baghdad,
------The Mu'tazilite School in Baghdad,
------The 'Inquisition' (al-Mihna),

---[2]. Master of the Wayfarers: The Life of al-Hārith al-Muhāsibī,
------Al-Muhasibi's Early Life,
------Al-Muhasibi's Teachers,
------Al-Muhasibi's Sources,
------Al-Muhasibi's Students,
------Related Anecdotes regarding al-Muhasibi,
------Al-Muhasibi's Death,
------The Effect of al-Muhasibi's milieu on His Life,

---[3]. The Wayfarerís Legacy: The Works of al-Hārith al-Muhāsibī,
-----The Published Works,
-------1. Kitab al-Ri'aya li Huquq Allah (wa'l-Qiyam biha'); [Vigilant Observance of the Rights of God (and their application)],
-------2. Kitab al-Wasaya al-Nasa'ih al-Diniyya; [The Book of Counsels],
-------3. Kitab al-Tawahhum; [The Book of Imagining],
-------4. Kitab al-Makasib wa 'l-Wara wa 'l-Shubha wa Bayan Mubahiha [The Book of Illicit Earnings],†
-------5. Risalat Adab al-Nufus ; [Etiquettes of the Soul],
-------6. Sharh al-Ma'rifa wa Badhl al-Nasiha; [An Exposition of Intimate Knowledge & The Provision of Good Counsel],
-------7. Kitab Bad Man Anaba ila Allah; [The Book Concerning the Beginning of the Return to God],
-------8. Kitab al Masa'il fi A'mal al-Qulub wa'l-Jawarih; [The Book Concerning Issues Related to Actions of the Heart and Limbs],
-------9. (Mukhtasar) Kitab Fahm al-Salat; [The Book Concerning Comprehending Prayer],
-------10. Kitab Ma'iyyat al-Aql wa Ma'naha; [The Book Concerning the Essence of the Intellect and It's Meaning],
-------11. Kitab Ihkam al-Tawba wa radd Mazalim al-Ibad wa Khalas minha qabl al-Ma'ad; [The Book Concerning Perfecting Repentance],
-------12. Kitab al-Mustarshid; [A Book for the Seeker of Guidance],
-------13. Kitab Fahm al-Qur'an; [The Book Concerning Comprehending the Qur'an],
-------14. Kitab al-'Ilm; [The Book of Knowledge],
-------15. Mu'atabat al-Nafs; [Reprimanding the Soul],
-------16. Al-Qasd wa 'l-Ruju ila Allah; [Wayfaring to God and the Return to Him],
-------17. Kitab al-Khalwa wa 'l-Tanaqqul fi 'l-Ibada wa Darajat al-Abidin; [The Book of Spiritual Retreat and Wayfaring Through the Categories of Worship and Ranks of Worshippers],
-------18. Kitab Masa'il fi 'l-Zuhd (wa Ghayrihi); [The Book of Issues Related to Renunciation],

------Works attributed to al-Muhasibi,
------Works surviving in manuscript,
------The lost works,
------The Chronological sequence of al-Muhasibi's works,
------The Chronological sequence of al-Muhasibi's works suggested by Mahmud,
------The Chronological sequence of al-Muhasibi's works suggested by al-Quwwatli,

---[4]. Purification of the Soul: The Concept of Tazkiyat al-Nafs in Islam,
------The Concept of the terms Tazkiya and Nafs within the Arabic language,
--------1. The Soul (al-ruh),
--------2. Blood (al-damm),
--------3. Life (al-hayat),
--------4. The Intellect (al-'aql),
--------5. The Self,
--------6. The Essence (al-dhat),
--------7. The Body (al-jasad),
--------8. The Human-being (al-insan),
--------9. Manners / Endurance / Generosity (khuluq / jalada / sakha),
--------10. An Evil Eye (al-'ayn),
--------11. Punishment (al-'Uquba),
--------12. Brother (al-akh),
--------13. Meaning 'with' ('inda),
--------14. The Unseen (al-ghayb),
--------15. Majesty / Might / Zeal / Pride (al-'azama / al-'izza / al-himma / al-anafa),
--------16. An amount of tanning material (qadr dabgha),

------The Concept of the terms Tazkiya and Nafs within the Qur'an,
--------a. The Nafs meaning the Soul (al-ruh),
--------b. The Nafs meaning the Human-being (al-insan),
--------c. The Nafs meaning the Human-beings Power of Understanding (al-quwa al-mufakkira),
--------d. The Nafs meaning the Heart (al-qalb),
--------e. The Nafs meaning the Inclination to Good & Evil (quwa al-khayr wa 'l-sharr),

------The Qualities of the Nafs within the Qur'an,
--------a. It is the Nafs that experiences Death,
--------b. The Nafs has perceptive faculties,

------The States of the Nafs within the Qur'an,
--------a. The Soul Inclined to Evil (al-nafs al-ammara bi 'l-sa'),
--------b. The Self-Reproaching Soul (al-nafs al-lawwama),
--------c. The Tranquil Soul (al-nafs al-mutma'inna),

------The single Qur'anic verse mentioning both the terms Tazkiya and al-Nafs,
------The Concept of the terms Tazkiya and Nafs within hadith literature,
------The Concept of the terms Tazkiya and Nafs in the view of Muslim Scholars,
------The Concept of the term Tazkiya in the view of Muslim Scholars,
------The Concept of the term Nafs in the view of Muslim Scholars,
------The Concept of the term Tazkiya al-Nafs in the view of Muslim Scholars,

---[5]. Purification of the Soul in the Formative Period : Al-Muhāsibīís Methodology of Tazkiyat al-Nafs.†
------The Concept of the term Tazkiya within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------The Facets of Tazkiya al-Nafs within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------The Concept of the term Nafs within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------The Qualities of the Nafs within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------The States of the Nafs within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------The Nature of the Nafs within the works of al-Muhasibi,
------Al-Muhasibiís Methodology of Tazkiyat al-Nafs,
------Intimate Knowledge of the Soul (ma'rifat al-nafs),
------Observance of God (al-muraqaba),
------Combating the Soul (al-mujahada),
------Introspective Examination (al-muhasaba),

---Conclusion :

---Appendix 1,
---Appendix 2,
------Arabic Sources,
------Non-Arabic Sources,

Homepage for Sufism.

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