The Big Step : New

The Big Step : New,
'How to Survive Islam in the Anglosphere,'
*[A5] Paperback - 162 pages,
by Mahdi Lock,
Published by Foreword Publications.


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Description :

The Big Step : How to Survive Islam In the Anglosphere and Thrive Outside of It ... (and avoid convert abuse)! What does it mean to become a Muslim? What tends to happen when someone becomes Muslim in the English-speaking world, and why? Is there an agenda at play? Is Anglosphere Islam not everything it is cracked up to be? Does it have a future? How can a new Muslim thrive in such circumstances?

In The Big Step, you will find the answers to these questions and so much more.
Extract from Chapter [1].
"Islam is not a social club, and it is more than just a religion. It is not a good idea to join because you need friends, or you have just had some crisis in your life, like a divorce or a lost job, or you need some discipline in your life due to alcoholism or drug abuse. Being a Muslim may help in these situations, but they should not be the reason and motive that makes you decide to be a Muslim.

Islam is not a fetish. It is not a vehicle for you to live out your fantasies of dressing up like Lawrence of Arabia or some spiritual master from a bygone era. Becoming a Muslim means that you become you. You realise and recognise who you are in the grand schemes of things, who you belong to and what your responsibilities are.

That is why the 9/11 attack is important, It was a wake up call and a reminder that, very quickly, it can become incredibly uncool to be a Muslim. Those interesting clothes quickly come to be seen as threatening and intimidating. Thinking that Islam is so 'spiritual' no longer appeals when the religion is associated with death and destruction.

So why should you become a Muslim? The answer is simple: conviction. You have to be convinced that it is the absolute truth. You have to realise that it will not make you popular. "
Highly Recommended!
Shaykh Mahdi Lock is a teacher, student, blogger, writer, and professional freelance translator of classical Arabic Islamic texts into English. He has been studying theology, law and other Islamic sciences for several years with teachers in England, North Africa and the Middle East.
To date, his translated works include :

---Kitāb al-Ḥalāl wa al-Ḥarām by Imam Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī,
---Kitāb al-Waqf from al-Mughnī al-Muḥtāj by al-Khaṭīb al-Shirbīnī,
---The introduction to al-Majmūʿ by Imam Yaḥyā al-Nawawī and,
---Sharḥ al-Ṣudūr by Imam Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī.
Table of Contents :
---Chapter [1]. Why become Muslim ?
---Chapter [2]. The Testimony of Faith ... and then what?
---Chapter [3]. Who actually cares about you ?
---Chapter [4]. The Importance of the Arabic Language and Travelling to the Muslim World,
---Chapter [5]. Getting Over Your Childhood,
---Chapter [6]. Culture and Media,
-------The Culture War,
-------The Agenda of the Left and the Media,
-------Where do the Muslims in the Anglosphere fit in?
-------The truth about "Islamophobia"
---Chapter [7]. Does Islam have a future in the Anglosphere and should you wait around to find out?
---About the Author.
More Self Development.
Also see Dawah.
Also see Imam al-Ghazali.

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