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Self Development

Truly Happy Life
Truly Happy Life
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Details:  A Thinking Person's Guide to the -
"Truly Happy Life"
by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad
[A5] Paperback - 112 pages,
Foreword by Sir Iain Torrance,
*Published by Turath.

Back in Stock November 2020

Description :

'A Thinking Person's Guide to the Truly Happy Life' -  What is happiness? What is not happiness? How can one lead a truly happy life? What are the differences between happiness, joy, gladness, contentment and pleasure?

In this concise and easy-to-read book, noted philosopher and Islamic scholar, Prince Ghazi of Jordan, reviews the classical philosophical and religious answers to these questions and then shows Islam's perspective on the issue based on the Qur'an and Saying of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ. The answer is a surprising one to which everyone can relate.

This little work admirably argues that people need to have opportunities to be productive and to give, in order to be themselves truly happy.

Table of Contents :

------A thinking person's guide,
------Islam and the happy life,
------Content and structure of this work.

Part One : Life,

---[a] What is Not Life?
-------Human life,
-------True human life,
-------False human life,
-------The content of false human life,
-------A choice between two kinds of human life.

---[b] What is Life?
-------What is a quality,
-------What is the quality of life?
-------Human life,
-------God's vicegerents,
-------God's servants,
-------The human condition.

---[c] Why is Life?
-------The reason for the human beings' existence,
-------Righteous deeds and kindness to others.

---[d] When is Life?
-------Is life always worth living?
-------Patience and steadfastness,
-------Unbearable circumstances,
-------Moral absolution,
-------Moral responsibility.

---[e] Where is Life?
-------The bases of society in the Qur'an.

---[f] How is Life?
------How does life feel?
------The trials of life,
------The meaning of the term 'jihad,'
------The two kinds of jihad,
---------The greatest jihad,
---------The lesser jihad,
------The components of the soul,
------The internal struggle within the soul,
------The ego,
------Constant vigilance.

---[g] Who is Alive?
-------False life,
-------True life,
-------On the true life.

Part Two : Happiness,

---[a] What is Not Happiness?

---[b] What is Happiness?
-------Defining 'Happiness' from the Qur'an,
-------Classical definitions of happiness,
-------Biblical and Christian portrayals of happiness,
-------The Old Testament,
-------The New Testament,
-------The pursuit of happiness.

---[c] Why is Happiness?
-------Divine bliss,
-------Divine beatitude,

---[d] When is Happiness ?
-------Time management,
-------Time wastage.

---[e] Where is Happiness?
-------The importance of justice,
-------The 'excellence' of justice,
-------What is justice?
-------The five fundamental rights,
-------Other trusts.

---[f] How is Happiness?
-------The whom do we give?
-------What do we give?
-------The etiquette of giving,

---[g] Who is Happy?
-------Happiness in the world?
-------The vision of the inner heart (fu'ad),
-------The spirit,
-------Who is happy?

---Summary and Conclusion,

---General Index,
---Index of Qur'anic Verses Cited.

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