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Insaan ke Huquq : Urdu
Insaan ke Huquq : Urdu
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Helpful Child 4
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Self Development

How to be a Happy Muslim In\'shaAllah!
How to be a Happy Muslim In'shaAllah!
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Details:  How To Be A Happy Muslim In'sha’Allah,
''Rise Above Your Problems and Choose Inner Peace and Joy with Ideas from the Qur'an, Sunnah, Counseling and Health Fields,''
*[A5] Paperback - 130 pages,
by Sheima Salam Sumer Ed.S.
Published by FB Publishing, USA.

Description :

How To Be A Happy Muslim, In'sha’Allah : Rise Above Your Problems and Choose Inner Peace and Joy with Ideas from the Qur'an, Sunnah, Counseling and Health Fields is a book by trained counselor Sheima Salam Sumer, which intends to guide you in achieving inner peace and joy by combining Islamic teachings with mental and physical health concepts.

Insha’Allah this book will empower you to feel content and in control of your emotions no matter what is happening in your life, and be able to cope with and solve any problems that you face. How to Be a Happy Muslim seeks to help you to think and feel positive across situations, be in a constant state of gratitude to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, and ultimately become your own best friend.

          How to Be a Happy Muslim is a ray of light and hope. Through this book
           Sheima Sumer has beautifully undertaken the task of reinvigorating and
           redirecting the discourse of Islam to its real purpose of being a source of
           achieving individual felicity, joy and happiness–paving the way for a happy
           society and a happy humanity. She has succeeded in creating a step-by-step
           guide that shows how the practical application of timeless and sacred Islamic
           teachings coupled with modern health ideas and techniques of counseling
           form the ingredients of How to Be A Happy Muslim, Insha Allah.
                       — Sidi Syed Zain Al Abedin, (The Islamic Studies & Research Association).

Table of Contents :


---[1]: The very short answer to How to be a Happy Muslim, In'shaAllah!
---[2]: Why I wrote this book and how to use this book,
---[3]: Ways to develop a strong personal relationship with Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---[4]: Make the decision that you genuinely want to be a Happy Muslim (and decide on what being a Happy Muslim means),
---[5]: Regularly peform the 5 Pillars of Islam,
---[6]: Send abundant blessings and prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---[7]: Islam and the Law of Attraction,
---[8]: How to always feel content no matter what problems you are facing (and it's okay to feel content),
---[9]. Remember to be grateful, Remember to learn, Remember to hope,
---[10].Train yourself to always stay calm as your base feeling. (Calm or inner peace - is your base feeling from which you feel joy and other positive feelings),
---[11].Think about what you want rather than about what you don't want, and act from thoughts of what you want,
---[12]. Learn to listen to your intuition and to become more inner-directed,
---[13]. Either speak good or be silent,
---[14]. Be yourself,
---[15]. How to cope with traumatic past experiences,
---[16]. The Health Chapter : Exercise, Vitamin D3, Coconut oil, Unprocessed Foods, “Oil Pulling”…And how I lost 30 pounds,
---[17]. Remember : This Life is not the Life where you get everything you want,
---[18]. When you have a negative thought, look that negative thought square in the eye and then choose the thought you want to have,
---[19]. Review this list of common false beliefs,
---[20]. Volunteer,
---[21]. Do things that make you feel happy,
---[22]. About forgiving others,
---[23]. How to be more self-confident,
---[24]. The summarised answer to 'How to be a Happy Muslim, In'shaAllah, plus a final list of ideas.

---The Author.

*Dimensions : 20.4 x 12.7 cm.

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