Deceitful about Inheritance

Don't be
Deceitful about Inheritance : New,
*[-A5] Paperback Booklet - 52 pages,
by Majlis e Ifta,
Transl. by Majlis e Tarajim,
Published by Dawate Islami, Pakistan.

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Description :

This work is an English translation of the urdu publication 'Maal-e-Wirasat mayn Khiyanat na Ki-Jiye' compiled by the Muftiyane Kiram of Majlis e Ifta, Dawate Islami, Karachi, Pakistan. Useful book about the dangers of misusing inheritance, good general advice, as well as Shari'i rulings with Questions and Answers.




Table of Contents

---Excellence of reciting Salat-‘Alan-Nabi,

---Do not commit fraud regarding inheritance,
---Inheritance in Islam,
---Muslims and inheritance today,
---Islam and rules of inheritance,
---Importance of distributing inheritance,
---Precautions of saints with regard to inheritance,
---Extinguishing inheritance lamp,
---Prohibiting the use of an inheritance mat,
---Warning to an inheritance-mat user,
---I have not given my children what belongs to others,
---Shar’i ruling on your own wealth,
---7 Benefits and blessings of distributing inheritance,
---Seven harms of not distributing inheritance.

5 Major sins related to inheritance,
---1st sin – Depriving heirs in the will,
------First warning – Anyone who violates the right of an heir in his will deserves hellfire,
------Second warning – Injustice in ‘will’ could cause bad end,
---2nd sin – Depriving a rightful inheritor of his share,
------Warnings about depriving people of inheritance,
---3rd sin – Unlawfully taking inheritance of any other inheritor is Haraam wealth,
------First warning – Donations with unlawful wealth are rejected and leaving it behind after death leads to Hell,
------Second warning – Heaven is Haraam for the body fed with Haraam nutrient,
------Third warning – Forty days’ deeds of Haraam-morsel-eating person are rejected,
------Fourth warning – the prayers of a man who eats and drinks Haraam are not answered,
---4th sin – Usurping an heir’s share,
------First warning – On Judgement Day the usurper will be forced to wear all seven earths around his neck,
------Second warning – Fard and Nafl worship performed by usurper is not accepted,
------Third warning – On Judgement Day usurper will appear in the court of Allah as a leper,
---5th sin – Depriving orphan heirs of their shares,
------First warning – Those who unlawfully take the wealth of orphans will burn in Hell,
------Second warning – Fire will come out of the mouths of those who unjustly consume the wealth of orphans,
------Third warning – Severe punishment for people who unjustly consume the inheritance of orphans,
------Fourth warning – Those unjustifiably consuming inheritance of orphans will remain deprived of Heaven,
------What does consuming an orphan’s wealth mean?

8 Common Acts of Heedlessness regarding Inheritance Wealth,
---First act of heedlessness – Covering expenses of Fatihah,
------Niyaz, Soyam etc., using wealth of orphan heirs,
---Second act of heedlessness – Unlawfully spending inheritance of orphans and non-pubescent inheritors,
---Third act of heedlessness – Not giving the share of inheritance to daughters and sisters,
---Fourth act of heedlessness – Making daughters and sisters forgive their share of inheritance,
---Fifth act of heedlessness – Not giving share to widow who has remarried,
---Sixth act of heedlessness – Forcing parents into distributing property during their lifetime,
---Seventh act of heedlessness – Not giving share to parents from the inheritance of offspring,
---Eighth act of heedlessness – Not giving share to the other wife of the father,

The Shar’i rulings on inheritance,
---Contains 15 Questions and Answers on different occasions/events where Shari'i rulings are applied.

---About the Will.,





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