Excellence of Hunger

The Excellence of Hunger,
*[A5] Paperback - 157 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri.
Translated by Majlis-e-Tarajim,
Published by Dawat e Islami, Karachi.

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Description :

' Madani Guard of the Stomach ' !

Dawat e Islami is pleased to present the English translation of the famous urdu book ‘Payt ka Qufl-e-Madinah’! This book is also available in Bangladeshi translation.

What does ''Madani Guard'' of the stomach mean ?

The 'Madani Guard of the Stomach' is to refrain from consuming Haram (forbidden) food & drink and to eat even less Halal (permissible) food than one's appetitie. On this subject Hujjat al-Islam (The Proof of Islam) Sayyiduna Imam al-Ghazali, alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, has stated :

               ''Whosoever eats only when he is hungry and withdraws (his hand)
                 from the food while still hungry, will never be in need of a doctor.
                 Therefore food should only be consumed when one is absolutely
.'' ---Ihya Ulum al-Din, Vol 2, PP5.


Complete with references.

Table of Contents :

---Du’a for Reading the Book,
---Translator’s Notes,
---Transliteration Chart,

---The Excellence of Hunger,

---What does “Madani Guard” of the Stomach Mean?
---Intentional Hunger,
---The Neighbourhood of the Holy Prophet  in Paradise,
---The Blessed Hunger of the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Hungry for Many Nights,
---The Food of the Blessed Family,
---Spiritual Insight,
---Two Stones Tied to the Stomach,
---Attainment of Respect,
---Affectionate Sentiments,
---The Hunger of Prophet Musa, 'alayhi as-Salaam,
---The Hunger of Prophet Dawud, 'alayhi as-Salaam,
---The Hunger of Prophet ‘Isa, 'alayhi as-Salaam,
---The Hunger of Sayyiduna Yahya, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
---Sayyidatuna ‘Aishah, Radi Allahu ta'ala anha, would Cry,
---True Devotees Should Reflect,
---The Story of an Islamic Sister,
---Eating Just Once Every Two Days,
---Eating Once a Day,
---How is it to Eat Three Times a Day?
---Eating Once and Fasting,
---Fasting with One Meal,
---Fast with Enthusiasm,
---Gold Equal to Earth,
---A Dining Cloth Made of Gold,
---Condemnation of those who eat 3 times a day,
---Survival on Dates and Water,
---Better than the Whole Night’s Worship,
---The Treasure of Hunger and Gratification for it,
---The Perils of a Doubtful Morsel,
---Salah Rejected for 40 Days,
---The Punishment for Consuming a Haram Morsel,
---A Person’s Chest is Filled with Nur,
---Four Pearls of Wisdom,
---The Fear of a Bad End,
---The Cover of Religion,
---The Sweetness of Worship,
---Who will be Hungry on the Day of Judgement?
---The Saint with Green Skin,
---Distribution of Almonds and Sugar at a Funeral,
---The Key to the World,
---Whose Stomach will be Full on the Judgement Day?
---The Blazing Heat of the Day of Judgement,
---His Nafs Took Him to Hell,
---Ten Advantages of Hunger,
---A Banquet on the Day of Judgement,
---The Doors of Paradise and Hell,
---Physical Fitness,
---Six Perils of Filling the Stomach,
---Dry Bread and Salt,
---Excessive Eating Impairs Wisdom,
---The Reason for the Hardness of Heart,
---Seven Morsels,
---The Perils of Filling the Stomach,
---One of the Reasons of Nocturnal Emission,
---Satan Circulates in the Body like Blood,
---Two Rivers,
---Hungry for Forty Days,
---Six Pearls of Wisdom,
---The One who Fills his Stomach is Disgraced,
---Why Emphasis on Remaining Hungry?
---Fearlessness from the Divine Hidden Plan is a Grave Sin,
---Respite from Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---Regarding Sin as a Good Act is Kufr,
---The Du’a of the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Four from Forty Thousand,
---Seven Intestines,
---The Meaning of Seven Intestines,
---The Difference between a Momin’s Diet and a Hypocrite’s,
---The food of Imam Amad Raza, Radi Allahu anhu,
---Seven Madani Pearls,
---Ritual Ablution (Wuzu) after Twelve Days,
---A Traveller of the Madani Qafilah,
---Hungry for Three Days,
---A Bowl of Milk and Seventy Companions )
---Independence from People,
---Ineffective Advice,
---Smell at the Time of Death,
---When You Eat a Lot, You also have to Earn a Lot,
---No Pleasure in Worship,
---Unconsciousness Due to Hunger,
---A Mysterious Pain,
---If only Hunger could be Purchased,
---Food is being Purchased Everywhere,
---To Eat in Excess is the Attribute of the Disbelievers,
---Strength in Hunger,
---Attainment of Tasawwuf,
---I am the Worst Person,
---They Used to Fall Down Due to Hunger,
---Hungry for Many Days,
---Remaining Hungry for One Year
---How Long can a Person Live without Eating and Drinking?
---How Much Should a Common Person Eat?
---The Cure for a Sick Heart,
---The Bird that Lives a Thousand Years,
---A Mosquito Can Kill a Camel,
---The Fat Mosquito, etc, etc

Actual contents are much greater than above !!





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  • Written by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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