Islam: The Freedom to Serve

'The Freedom to Serve,'
[A5] Paperback - 96 pages,
by Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani,
Compiled by Abd el-Jalil Stelzer,
Edited by Umm Hani Rebler,
Published by Spohr Press.





Islam : 'The Freedom to Serve,' - This work has been compiled by ‘Abd el-Jalil Stelzer. It contains the Suhbats, Aphorisms and Stories from the lectures of Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani's lectures.

Small Extract

" So many people want to be rid of themselves. They pursue whatever helps them to disguise themselves, to forget themselves.  They think that in order to reach that aim, it is not sufficient to be somebody else, it is better to be no one at all, a no-one. They think it is better to lose one’s mind, even better not to be human. Millions come to look at them, to imitate them. It is a storm in our time, not just a wind: a mighty storm. How do you speak to such people? How do you guide them to reality? They have lost their will. They have given up their intelligence. How then are they able to judge themselves? They claim that they have reached the highest degree of civilisation and yet they act worse than those whom they call uncivilised. 

The young people want change. They want to change their own lives and the lives of everybody. They grow up, and their only idea of change is that everybody should be like themselves. Whoever dares to oppose them is their enemy. They will not hesitate to hurt him or to simply shove him out of the picture. We are living in a time where everything is reaching its climax. After reaching the top, you cannot continue. There are no further ways to continue. "




Table of Contents


Part One : The Path to Servanthood,
---Worship and servanthood.

Part Two : Advice to Servants
---The Inner Journey,
---The Fight Against Our Ego,
---Knowledge of the Lord of the Worlds,
---A Blossom in the Hearts of Mankind,
---The Star of Muhammad,
---Know Thyself,
---Ways to the Heavens.

Part Three : Words to Keep in our Hearts,
---Aphorisms and Stories.



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