Al-Ghazali : On Patience and Thankfulness

Al-Ghazali on Patience and Thankfulness, 
Kitab al-Sabr w'al-Shukr,
*[A5] Paperback - 316+ pages,
by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali,
Translation with an Introduction & Notes by Dr Henry Littlejohn.
Book 32 [XXXII] of the Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din).
Published by: The Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge, UK.


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Synopsis :

Originally written as a manual of spiritual instruction, this crucial work of medieval Islamic thought examines Sufi and mystical influences within the Muslim tradition to provide insight into the intellectual and religious history of the Muslim world. Written by one of the most famous theologian-mystics of all time, it is an in-depth discussion of two essential virtues of the religious and spiritual life: patience and thankfulness.

Compelling and insightful, this exploration defines these virtues and examines their place in the Islamic worldview, with particular attention paid to their attainment and the influences that divert people from these virtues. This first-ever academic translation includes an introduction to the structure and development of Imam al-Ghazali's thought, as well as a biography, appendix, and index.

Description :

 Al-Ghazali on Patience and Thankfulness is a translation of the thirty-second chapter of The Revival of the Religions Sciences (Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din).  

This chapter fills in the last of the four sections of the Ihya’, the section dealing with the virtues or what is conducive to salvation. Imam al-Ghazali, May Allah be pleased with him, here presents definitions for patience and its different forms; the need for patience; the degrees of patience; and why patience is considered to be half of faith.   

The second part of this chapter deals with thankfulness and again al-Ghazali, May Allah be pleased with him, gives us definitions for thankfulness, its nature and its blessings. In addition to the translation, Dr Henry Littlejohn provides an extensive introduction which illustrates the importance of the topics of patience and thankfulness in Islam throughout the centuries.

A Selection from the Table of Contents:

---[1]. An Exposition of the Virtue of Patience,
---[2]. An Exposition of Patience being Half of Faith,
---[3]. An Exposition of the Divisions of Patience according to the Varying Degrees of Strength and Weakness,
---[4]. An Exposition of the Virtue of Thankfulness,
---[5]. An Exposition of the Reality and Divisions of Blessing,
---[6]. An Exposition of the Cause which Diverts Humans from Thankfulness.





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