God, Man and Mortality

 God, Man and Mortality - The Perspective of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi,
*[A5+] Paperback - 208 pages,
Edited by Hasan Horkuc,
Published by Tughra Book's, Turkey.

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Description :

God, Man and Mortality is a collection of important essays written both by seasoned and by up and coming scholars working the field known as Nursi studies. The aim of these essays is to hold a mirror up to Nursi's teachings on a number of issues, just as Nursi held a mirror up to the teachings of the Qur'an. The scope is broad covering subjects such as Divine immanence and transcendence, human spirituality and man's role as Divine vicegerent. Divine determining and free will, and human conscience as evidence of the existence of God.

The topics presented by the authors are unashamedly theocentric in nature: discussions on politics and legal theory are conspicuous by their absence. We benefit from the depth of awareness that the contributors clearly have of Nursi's teachings and his place in the Muslim academe, as well as from their lucid expository styles and strong authorial voices.

Topics covered :

---- The dilemma of being Human,
---- The Human Ego,
---- Death and death anxiety,
---- Modernity, self, individualism/personalism,
---- God as Creator; man as creature,
---- Resurrection and the Hereafter,
---- Belief and Unbelief,
---- Divine Decree and the issue of Free-will,
---- Man as Divine vicegerent on earth.

Shaykh Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, may Allah have mercy upon him,  the Turkish Muslim scholar and exegete Bediüzzaman Saïd Nursi (1876-1960) is the founder of the largest and arguably the fastest-growing faith-based community in Turkey and the Turkic-speaking world, the Nur movement. Author of the 5000-page Qur'anic commentary known as the Risale-i Nur (Epistles of Light), Nursi is a scholar whose thought is characterised by an overwhelming emphasis on the issue of man's knowledge of, and belief in, God.

For Nursi, it is belief and belief alone that makes man truly human, while it is lack of belief that lies behind the myriad problems man faces in his short sojourn on earth. According to Nursi, at the heart of man's existential dilemma is the fact that he is a finite being with infinite desires, together with his inability to reconcile his immortal longings with the reality of his own mortality.

Hasan Horkuc is a Research Fellow in Islamic and comparative studies and is the director of Durham University Risale-i Nur Studies Program. He specialises in Nursian studies, the origins and development of Nursian exegesis. He has written and contributed to a number of papers among which the latest one is "Is Justice Binary? Absolute and Relative Justice in the Teachings of Said Nursi." His most recent publication is Said Nursi: Makers of Islamic Civilisation by Oxford University Press.

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  • Written by: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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