The Hamziyya

The Hamziyya : Selected Verses, Now,
Arabic Text, Translation & Transliteration,
[A5] Paperback - 58 pages,
by Imam Sharf al-Din al-Busiri,
Transl. by Aziza Spiker,
Published by Guidance Media.


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Description :

'The Hamziyya – Selected Verses' is a new translation from the works of Imam al-Busiri, may Allah be pleased with him, a poet of 13 th century Egypt, who wrote many poems in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,  which have been sung throughout the Muslim world through the centuries right up to the present day. The most famous of these poems are the Burda, the Mudariyya and the Muhammadiyya.

The Hamziyya is a much longer poem and less well known, but also tremendous in its power and beauty. The selections in this volume have been chosen as an introduction to the Hamziyya, representing the parts of the poem that are most often sung, with the original Arabic, an English translation and transliteration to make recitation easier for non-Arabic speakers.



About the Author :

He is Imam Sharaf al-Din Muhammad ibn Sa'd ibn Hammad al-?anh?j? al-Busairi (born Shawwal 1, 608/March 7, 1213­  – passed away 695/1295) and is the doyen of Prophetic praise literature.

Al-Busairi was born in the village of Dal??, in Upper Egypt, to a family with origins reaching back to the ?anh?jah Berbers. He was raised not far from his birthplace in the village of Busayr before moving to Cairo where he became a fixture of its mosques, studying the religious sciences; various linguistic sciences such as grammar, morphology, and prosody; Arabic literature; and Islamic history, particularly the Sirah of the Prophet ?.

Al-Busairi embarked upon the path of knowledge from a very young age, memorizing the Qur'an in his early childhood and becoming a student of several eminent scholars. Al-Busairi initially became famous for his exceptional calligraphy, the fundamentals and basic principles of which he learned at the hands of the skilled master Ibahim ibn Abu 'Abd Allah al-Misri.

Al-Busairi studied tasawwuf (Sufism) with his Shaykh, al-Imam Abi al-'Abbas al-Mursi, who was the disciple of al-Imam al-Shadhili and received instruction alongside none other than Ibn 'Atta'Allah al-Iskandari (d. 709/1309), who authored the Hikam. There was between Abi al-'Abbas al-Mursi and al-Busairi a relationship of deep love. Al-Busairi became famous on account of his broad knowledge of the scriptures of the People of the Book, as he would read extensively from the works of the Christians and the Jews. This knowledge compelled him to debate their beliefs and doctrines, which he did with great depth and understanding.


Al-Busairi began his literary life as all poets then did, by endearing himself to those in power and to the affluent, seeking their patronage and benefaction, covetous above all of their attention and support. Once al-Busairi embarked upon the path of Sufism, however, his soul came to detest this lifestyle, and he instead devoted himself to praise of the Prophet Muhammad ?, to praise of the family of the Prophet Muhammad ?, and to praise of the Sufis from among his contemporaries and teachers, such as Abi al-'Abbas al-Mursi and Abi al-Hasan al-Shadhili, may God have mercy upon them all.

Al-Busairi was particularly absorbed by the Sirah of the Prophet ?, reading all available literature on him ? – from the short, individual reports conveying the finest of details about the Prophet ? to the larger compilations aggregating his blessed biography ?. He committed his energies, and devoted his poetry and artistic mastery, to praising the Prophet ?. Among his most famous poems is al-Kawakib al-Durriyyah fi Mada Khayr al-Bariyyah (“Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation”), better known simply as al-Burdah, which is from among the jewels of Arabic poetry and from among the most exquisite poems exalting the Prophet ?.

The Qasidah Burdah is the crown jewel of the vast genre of poetry composed over the centuries in praise of the Prophet Muhammad ?, bestowing inspiration upon countless poets over the ages. It is a long poem which spans 160 verses, and its prelude is from among the most striking opening lines of any Arabic poem.  It is said that al-Busairi suffered a stroke which debilitated him, so he composed the Burdah as an appeal to the Divine for the restoration of his health. After composing the poem, al-Busairi lay down to rest, only to see the Prophet ? in a dream. After reciting his poem to the Prophet ?, the Prophet wiped his honourable hand upon al-Busairi's afflicted body. Al-Busairi awoke and arose from his sleep to find himself, with the permission of God, completely healed.

Imam al-Busairi passed away in Alexandria in 695 AH/1295 C.E. at the age of 87, Rahimahu Allahu Ta'ala.





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