Understanding Du'a; The Essence of Worship

Understanding Du'a : New,
'The Essence of Worship'
[A5] Paperback - 180 pages,
by Muntazir Abdul Hafiz,
Printed in Turkey.

Description :

'Understanding Du'a : The Essence of Worship' - This book has been written with the intention of helping people to understand the importance of supplication (du'a) and to be a guide in establishing du'a in daily life in a more effective manner.

This book has been divided into two sections, (Section 1 being Virtues, Benefits and Conditions of different types of Prayers/Supplications, with Section 2 being the actual Du'as and Prayers/Salawat). These two sections have been further divided into nine chapters. Some of the blessed times and places for du'a's to be accepted are also outlined.


Hafiz Mohammed Munatazir Abdul Hafiz was born in Bihar, India. He completed his Hifz al-Qur'an and secondary education in India. Thereafter he graduated from Damascus (Mujamm'a Abun Nur and al-Fath Institute), Syria, in Arabic and Islamic Studies and holds a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies from Loughborough University, UK.



Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,

Section One:

Chapter [1]. The Importance of Supplications (Du'a),
---What is Du'a?
---The excellence of Du'a,
---The wisdom behind Du'a,
---Qur'anic verses encouraging Du'a,
---Ahadith encouraging Du'a,
---The virtues of Du'a,
---The benefits of Du'a,
---Du'a in the decree of Allah Almighty,
---Removing the Decree of Allah Almighty by the Decree of Allah Almighty,
---The condition of acceptance of Du'a,
---The etiquettes of Du'a,
---The blessed times and places for Du'a,
---Examples of people whose Du'a is accepted.

Chapter [2]. The Excellence of Remembrance (Dhikr) of Allah Almighty,
---What is remembrance of Allah Almighty?
---Reward for Dhikr,
---Constant remembrance of Allah Almighty.

Chapter [3]. Repentance (Tawbah),
---What is Tawbah ?
---The virtues of Tawbah,
---The sound Tawbah,
---The rejected Tawbah,
---A black spot on the heart or ran,
---Unforgiveable sin,
---Does recommiting the sin eradicate the Tawbah,
---Charity is recommended in the time of Tawbah.

Section Two:

Chapter [4]. Qur'anic Supplications (Du'a),
---Supplications of the Prophets,
---Supplications of the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim),
---Supplications of the Prophet Moses (Musa),
---Supplications of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---Supplication of the Believers.

Chapter [5]. Supplications (Du'a) from the Sunnah,
---The Prophetic Supplication (Du'a).

Chapter [6]. The Daily Supplications (Du'a),
---In the evening,
---Going to bed,
---When making Wudu (ablution),
---Du'a for every morning,
---After the adhan (the call for Prayer),
---When entering the Masjid,
---When leaving the Masjid,
---When sighting the new moon,
---Du'a when leaving home,
---Du'a when entering home,
---Du'a before a meal,
---On forgetting to recite Bismillah at the beginning,
---Du'a when finishing the meal,
---At meal times when visiting someone,
---When drinking milk,
---Du'a at the time of dressing,
---When wearing new clothes,
---When looking in the mirror.

Chapter [7]. Supplications (Du'a) for Different Occasions,
---When drinking Zamzam water,
---When starting the fast,
---When breaking the fast,
---For the night of Qadr (Power),
---To pay off debt,
---When faced by a hardship,
---When a hope or desire could not be fulfilled,
---When feeling angry,
---When overwhelmed by a problem,
---When in pain (whilst placing one's hand over the location of the pain),
---When someone is in a difficulty,
---When visiting the sick,
---At a time of disaster,
---When offering condolence,
---When visiting the graveyard/cemetry,
---Congratulating the bridegroom,
---Arrival of the bride,
---At the beginning of 'physical relations' between husband and wife,
---Congratulating the parents of a newborn,
---Reply from the new parents,
---When seeking Allah Almighty's protection for children,
---After a pleasant dream,
---After an unpleasant dream,
---On waking up after a nightmare,
---When you see a Muslim brother smiling,
---When telling someone that you love them,
---When being told that you are loved,
---When receiving a favour,
---At the end of gatherings,
---For fulfilment of a need (Salat al-Hajah),
---For seeking guidance when decision-making (Istikharah),
---When someone wakes up for the night-time prayers (Salat al-Tahajjud),
---The 'litany of the sea' (Hizb al-Bahr) of Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili, rahimahullah,
---The Du'a of Muhammad bin Nasir al-Dar'ai, rahimahullah.

Chapter [8]. The Beautiful Names of Allah Almighty,
---Du'a e Jamilah.

Chapter [9]. Sending Blessings (Durood) upon the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi waSallam,
---Salawat al-Akbar,
---Salawat al-'Ali,
---Salawat al-Awwal,
---Salawat al-Da'im,
---Salawat al-Dawami,
---Salawat al-Fath,
---Salawat al-Ghauthiyyah,
---Salawat al-Haq,
---Salawat al-Ibrahimi,
---Salawat al-In'am,
---Salawat al-Isme 'A'zam,
---Salawat al-Malwan,
---Salawat al-Muqadas,
---Salawat al-Mustafa,
---Salawat al-Nabi,
---Salawat al-Nahariyyah,
---Salawat al-Nur,
---Salawat al-Qurani,
---Salawat al-Radawiyyah,
---Salawat al-Ruhi,
---Salawat al-Sadaqah,
---Salawat al-Sadat,
---Salawat al-Shafi'i,
---Salawat al-Shifa'
---Salawat al-Taj,
---Salawat al-Tayyib,
---Salawat al-Tunajjina,
---Salawat al-Wali,
---Salawat ; Virtues of a Thousand Days,
---Some other Salawat.






More Du'a and Waza'if,
More Awrad and Prayers,

Also see Treasury of Holy Benedictions (Khazina e Durud Sharif),
More Durood / Salawat books.

Also see Panjsurah and Manzil,
Also see Du'a and Awrad (Urdu).


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