Mihr e Munir : English

Mehr e Munir :
English transl. of the 'Biography of
Hadrat Sayyid Pir Meher Ali Shah al-Golrawi,'
*[A5] Hardback - 618 pages,
by Dr Muhammad Fadil Khan,
Published in Pakistan.

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Description :

Hadrat Pir Sayyid Shaykh Meher Ali Shah, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, was born 14 April 1859 (1 Ramadan, 1275 A.H.) in Golra Sharif, which is located midway between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, in present-day Pakistan. The time just before his birth saw the Indian Rebellion of 1857 fought between the British and the sepoys allied with seven of the Princely states. He is renowned as a Sufi saint, a great Hanafi scholar upholding the position of Shaykh Abdul-Haqq Muhaddith al-Dehlavi, Rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, and especially for being at the forefront of the anti-Ahmadiyya movement. He wrote several books, most notably Saif e Chishtiyai, (The Sword of the Chishtis), a polemical work regarding the unorthodoxy and the heresy of the Ahmadiyya (Qadiyani) movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

The portion of this book relating to the life, work and teachings of Hadrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah, rahmatullahi 'alayhi, is based largely on the detailed and authentic biography in urdu language by Mawlana Faid Ahmad Faid, principal and teacher of the madrassah at the Golra shrine, titled 'Mehr-e-Munir' (which translates as ''The Resplendant Sun''). This translation into English by Dr Muhammad Fadil Khan was under the guidance and supervision of marhum Hadrat Baray Lalaji Sahib, Sayyad Ghulam Muin 'ud-Din, and Chhotay Lalaji Sayyad Shah 'Abdul Haq Sahib.

Summary of Contents Chapters:
[Contains many further chapters and sub-sections];


---Introduction to Golra Sharif,
---Family and Ancestry of Hazrat,
---Early Childhood and Education,
---Period of Teaching and Instruction,
---Love of Allah Almighty & the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah & Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam,
---Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah & Hazrat Shamsuddin of Siyal Sharif,
---Salasil-e-Faqr (Spiritual Chains),
---Qadyani Movement – An Introduction,
---Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah’s fight against Qadianism,
---Hazrat's Attitude Vis-à-vis the British Government of India,
---Hazrat's scholarly eminence,
---Wahdat-ul-Wajood & Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah Sahib,
---Hazrat’s views on Sama,
---Some trying moments in Hazrat's life,
---The Great personality of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah,
---Passing away of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah,
---Construction of the Mausoleum,
---Books of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah,    
---Karamat (Mini-Miracles),
---Shajra-e-Mehria (Family Tree of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah Sahib),   
---Sayings of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah Sahib.





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