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Basic Knowledge of Islam : Bangla
Basic Knowledge of Islam : Bangla
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Details:  Basic Knowledge of Islam : Bangla/English/Arabic, NEW,
*[A5] Paperback - 128 pages, 7th Edition, 2015,
by Sheikh Saleh Ahmad Hamidi,
Published in the UK.

Description :

An excellent book covering all aspects of the basics for beginners complete with bangla translation. Also includes English translation as well as transliteration in the appropriate places. The author has taken a lot of time and great care to present a wealth of information in a simple and easy format .

Table of Contents :

---Lesson [1]. Tawwuz,
--------The 6 Kalimah,.

---Lesson [2]. Iman Mujm'al,
--------Iman Mufassal,
--------Darud Shareef,
--------Dua Mathura.

---Lesson [3]. Du'a-e-Qunut,
--------Du'a e Istikharaa,
--------Special Morning & Evening Du'as,
--------More General and Everyday Du'as.

---Lesson [4]. Takbeer,
--------Tasbih of Ruku,
--------Du'a when rising from Ruku,
--------Tasbih in Sajada.

---Lesson [5]. Mealtime Du'as,
--------Sleeping and Awakening Du'as,
--------& others Du'as.

---Lesson [6]. Du'as for entering & leaving Bathroom,
--------Du'as for wearing Garments,
--------Du'as for leaving & returning Home,
--------Du'as for Going on & returning from Journey's.

---Lesson [7]. Du'a for Entering the Mosque,
--------Du'a for Visiting the Sick,
--------Dua for Seeking Forgiveness, etc Du'as.

---Lesson [8]. Du'as for Visiting the Graveyard,
--------Specific Du'as for Burial and Janazah,
--------Different Du'as if deceased is boy or girl,
--------When inflcited with Nazar,
--------Du'a after Salah,
--------Du'a for Laylat al-Qadr,
--------Du'a when wearing the Ihram,
--------Du'a after the Talbiyah,
--------Du'a when you first see the Haram Shareef,
--------Du'a to recite after having seen Bait'ullah.
--------Tawaf Du'a.

---Lesson [9]. Du'a before Slaughtering (Zabihah),
--------Du'a after Slaughter,
--------Du'a Before & After making Wudhu,
--------Dua at the time of Breaking Fast,
--------Niyyah (Intention) for Fasting,
--------The Takbiraat of Tashriq,
--------Du'a e Qunut e Najela,
--------Ayat ul Kursi,
--------Du'a to relief pain in the Body,
--------Du'a for relief from painful Eyes
--------Du'a to be recited against Black Magic,
--------Du'a against disturbing dream, etc,
--------Du'a to save oneself from Evil spirits,
--------Du'a to remove depression, grief and sorrow,
--------Du'a to recite at any sad moment,
--------Powerful Du'a against depression,
-----The Five Pillars of Islam,
--------The 3 Fara'id in Ghusl (bathing),
--------The 7 Sunnah in Ghusl,
--------The 4 Farz in Wudhu (ablution),
--------The 16 Sunnats in Wudhu,
--------The 5 Mustahabs in Wudhu,
--------The 4 Makhruhat of Wudhu,
--------The 7 Acts which nullify the Wudhu,
--------The 3 Fara'iz of Tayyammum,
--------The 14 Fara'id in Salah (Ritual Prayer),
--------The 14 Wajibat of Salah,
--------The 28 Sunnats of Salah,
--------The 19 Mufsidaat e Salah (acts which nullify the Salah Prayer).

---Lesson [10]. The Text of the Azaan (the Call to Prayer)
--------The Fajr Azaan,
--------Listening to the Azaan,
--------Du'a to recite after the Azaan,
--------The Iqaamat (The second Call to Prayer).

---Lesson [11]. The Salah Chart (at a glance number of Units of Prayer),
--------The Salat al-Jum'ah (The Special Friday Prayer),
--------The Eid Salah,
--------Takbir e Tashriq Du'a,
--------The Janazah Salah,
--------Tarawih Salah.

---Lesson [12]. Muslim Festivals,

---Lesson [13]. The Famous Angels of Allah,
--------The Famous Books of Allah,
--------The Famous Hadith Books (Sihah Sitta),
--------The 4 Khulafa e Rashideen,
--------The 10 Companions who've been Promised al-Jannah (Ashara Mubasharah),
--------Qasidah : Naat e Rasul, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

---Lesson [14]. The Prophet's of Allah,

---Lesson [15]. Salaat e Tunajinaa,

---Lesson [16]. Tasmiyah,
---------Surah al Fatihah,
---------Surah an-Nas,
---------Surah al-Falaq,
---------Surah al-Ikhlas,
---------Surah al-Lahab,
---------Surah an-Nasr,
---------Surah al-Kafiroon,
---------Surah al-Kawsar,
---------Surah al-Mau'oon,
---------Surah al-Quraysh,
---------Surah al-Feel.

---Lesson [17]. Hajj (Pilgrimage),
---------The Types of Hajj,
---------Hajj al-Tamattu,
---------Fard and Wajib of Hajj,
---------Wajibat of Hajj,
---How to perform Umrah,
---------About the Ihram,
---------Ihram for Umrah and Entering Masjid al-Haram,
---------The Tawaf of Umrah,
---------How to perform Sa'ey,
---------Nafl Tawaf,
---------Visiting Madinah.
---Brief Introduction to Hajj,
---------1st Day of Hajj (8th of Dhull Hijjah),
---------2nd Day of Hajj (9th of Dhull Hijjah),
---------3rd Day of Hajj (10th of Dhull Hijjah),
---------4th Day of Hajj (11th of Dhull Hijjah),
---------5th Day of Hajj (12th of Dhull Hijjah),

---Lesson [18]. Rules of Tajweed,
---------The Rules of Nun Saakin and Tanween,
---------The Rules of Raa,
---------The 4 Rules of Raa (Empty Mouth),
---------The Rules of Madd,
---------The Rules of Waqf (stopping),
---------33 Verses of the Holy Qur'an.

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