Medicine of the Prophet : PB

As-Suyuti's Medicine of the Prophet,
Tibb an Nabi, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 240 pages,
by Imam Jalal 'ud-Din as-Suyuti,
Edited by Ahmad Thomson,
Published by Taha, UK.


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Description :

A unique edition of this exceptional work by one of the most famous of Muslim scholars, the mujaddid, Shaykh al Islam, Imam Jalal 'ud-Din Abd'ur Rahman as-Suyuti, may Allah be pleased with him

Originally written in Arabic nearly 500 years ago, this book is packed with a detailed description of the most common physical and spiritual diseases experienced by people throughout the ages. Imam Suyuti, 'alayhi ar rahman, indicates the remedies for these by drawing both from the Qur'an and the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah Shower His Mercy and Blessings upon him

Doctors and scientists may debate the effectiveness of traditional medicines, but the positive results and soothing effects of this medicine have been obvious to millions of people during the last fourteen centuries.



''And when I am sick, then He heals me.'' [Qur'an : 26- 80].



Table of Contents :

---About the Author,
---Author's Introduction.

Part One :
---[1]. The Theory of Medicine,
--------The Constitution of Man,
--------The State of the Body,
--------The Causes of Disease,
--------Signs in a Man,
---[2]. The Practice of Medicine,
--------Movement and Rest,
--------Emission through Sexual Intercourse,
--------Blood letting and Cupping,
--------The Emotions,
---[3]. Principles of Treatment.

Part Two :
---[4]. Properties of Foods and Remedies,
--------Simple Remedies,
--------Compund Remedies.
---[5]. Dosage of Remedies,
---[6]. Observations on Compound Preparations.

Part Three :
---[7]. Treating Disease,
--------Making use of Medicine,
--------On Calling in a Physician,
--------Prescribing doing without Food,
--------Encouragement to Study Medicine,
--------Doctors Fees,
--------Examining the Sick,
--------Treatment by Members of the Opposite Sex who are not Related,
--------Compelling the Sick to Eat and Drink,
--------Minor Services for the Sick,
--------Visits by the Sick,
--------Using Haram Remedies,
--------Treating Fevers,
--------Treating Minor Ailments,
--------Sprains, Fractures and Bites,
--------Avoiding Pests at Night,
--------The Plague,
--------Al-Ghayla and Al-'Azala,
--------The Evil Eye,
--------Spiritual Remedies,
--------The Benefits in Being Sick and in Visiting the Sick,
--------Embryology and Anatomy,
--------Listening to Recitation,
--------Small Pox, Measles and Chicken pox.

---Glossary of Arabic Terms,
---Glossary of Medical terms,

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  • Written by: Imam as-Suyuti

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