Navigating the End of Time : New

Navigating the End of Time : New,
*[A5+] Hardback - 404 pages,
by Asrar Rashid,
Published by Rigel Publishing.

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Description :

In his earlier work ‘Islam Answers Atheism’, Asrar Rashid enters the territories of the New Atheists and those pursuing kufr humanistic sciences—particularly those bent on debunking a Divine Reality. Intent on showing the false trails laid out for the unwary, he aims to rescue those who have been misled by showing the weakness and fallacies in their arguments and that in most cases, behind their disparagement and denigration, the Hand of God is merely replaced by straw-man arguments, emotional content, and fantasy.

Navigating the End of Time’ sets a course for a navigation of the dangerous ways that Armageddon-watchers have invented or twisted prophecies to their own advantage. Rashid draws on examples of how both Muslim and non-Muslim millenarians have cajoled and brainwashed followers, in many cases, to their doom. The trials and tribulations of our time are indisputable, but Rashid lays bare the fitan which are essentially a result of our own miseducation or dependence on the products of the industrial revolution—the apotheosis of which is the smart phone in our hand—which completes what has been called the mass-formation (or crowd psychosis) of our ‘technic society’.

These he juxtaposes with the language of the Quran and the key prophecies of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and what he says about the fitan of the End Times. These eschatological matters were further collected and mapped out by a few Muhaddithun and Rashid gently teaches us how to map read; ‘Do not travel there until you learn to read the signs properly, and if possible find a very good guide.’




About the Author :

Shaykh Asrar Rashid is a writer, public lecturer, debater and teacher of Arabic and Islamic disciplines. He has undertaken studies under traditional Islamic teachers in Arabic and Islam, Ash?ari Kalam, traditional rational theology, and its ancillary subjects in his city of birth, Birmingham (UK) and in Damascus (Syria).



Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,

---Publishers Foreword,

---The Map,

------The Gabriel Tradition,
------The Realm of Smilitude,
------The Four Pillars,
------The Slave Girl and the Bedouins,
------The Development of Islamic Sciences,
------The Pivotal Role of the Chapter of the Cave [Sura al-Kahf],
------Understanding Sura al-Kahf,
------The Links of the Qur'an,
------Islamic Eschatology Literature,
------Disastrous Misunderstandings,
------Cult Mind Control,
------False Miracles & Charlatan Sufis,
------The Case of Juhayman al-Utaybi,
------Cults in our Midst,
------The Cult of Abdullah Hashem,
------Claims of the Past,
------Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani,
------Qadiyani Deceit,
------Wahhabi/Deobandi Support,
------The Veiled,
------The Carmatians,
------Riyaz Gohar Shahi,
------Mental Health Claimants,
------Heaven's Gate,
------Armageddon Abuse,
------Characteristics of Doomsday Cults,
------Kashf Claims,
------Conspiracy Theories.

---The Compass,

------Healings and Bearings,
------Category I : Signs that have Occurred or are Occurring,
------The Passing Away of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
------The Rightly Guided Caliphate, the Trials of False Prophets & the Conquering of Jerusalem,
------The Plague of 'Amwas,
------The Martyrdom of Caliph 'Umar,
------The Martyrdom of Caliph 'Uthman,
------The Battle of the Camel,
------Disputes Amongst the Companions,
------The Battle of Nahrawan,
------The Martyrdom of Imam 'Ali,
------The Peace of Imam Hasan with Emir Mu'awiya,
------The Umayyad Dynasty,
------The Martyrdom of Imam Husayn,
------The Events of al-Harra,
------Ibn al-Zubayr, Hajjaj and Mukhtar al-Thaqafi,
------The Caliphate of 'Umar b. 'al-Aziz,
------The Kingdom of the Abbasids,
------The Mongol Invasion of Baghdad and the Fire,
------The Crusades, Salah al-Din and the Ottomans,
------The Ghutha' Period,
------The Industrial Revolution,
------The Four Stages of the Ghutha' Period,
------The First Fitna: the Ahlas Stage,
------The Second Fitna: the Sarra' Stage,
------Geopolitics in the Middle East,
------Ripples of the Arab Spring,
------Globalisation and Economic Turmoil,
------Pharoahs and Zionists,
------Cars, Planes and Palestines,
------The Anglo European Monoculture,
------The Third Fitna: the Duhayma Stage,
------Mindless Killing,
------The Fourth Fitna : the 'Umya' Bukma' Samma' Stage,
------Hot Coal,
------The Forty Abdal and Smartphones,
------Interspersed Fitan,
------My Experiences with Conspiracy Theorists,
------Covid 19 and Lockdowns,
------Other Signs Occurring before the Apperance of the Mahdi,
------Leadership of Children,
------Profusion of Wealth and the Refusal to Take Charity,
------Following Previous Nations and Loss of Trust,
------Disapperance of Knowledge and Appearance of Ignorance,
------Fighting the Non-Muslim Turks and Non-Muslim Arabs,
------Ornamenting Mosques,
------Selling Leadership,
------Increase of Policing,
------Severing Ties of Kith and Kin,
------Reciting the Qur'an like Music,
------Devious Fatawa,
------Alcohol Consumption and Its Permissibility,
------Media, Technology and Immorality,
------Musical Instruments,
------Towering Constructions and Shifting Mountains,
------Excessive Business,
------The Coming of Interest-Based Banking,
------The Fitna from the East,
------Widespread Adultery, AIDS and Other Viruses,
------Unravelling the Ties of Islam and Faith,
------The Abandonment of Jihad,
------The Supported Group,
------Economy and Currency,
------Natural Disasters,
------Shifting Roles,
------The Believer's Dream,
------Ignoring the Book of Allah,
------Abandonment pf the Prophetic Way [Sunna],
------The Bloating of the Crescent,
------Space Travel,
------Lack of Empathy,
------Neighbourhood Threat,
------Cold Greetings,
------Vices Increasing in Intensity,
------Category II : Signs that are yet to Happen,
------The Euphrates River,
------Where do we Stand Today ?
------Legalised Homosexual Marriages,
------Fighting Tyranny and the Column of Fire,
------The Emergence of Sufyani,
------The Gathering of Saints,
------Other Signs Preceding the Appearance of the Mahdi, alayhi salam,
------The Mahdi and his Period of Rule,
------The Great Slaughter,
------The Appearance of the Dajjal,
------Tamim al-Dari's Encounter with the Dajjal,
------Notes on the Personality of Ibn Sayyid,
------The Forty Days of the Dajjal and the Retreat of the Mahdi,
------The Descent of Jesus, peace be upon him,
------The Gog and Magog Period,
------The Order of Events after the Period of Jesus,
------The Ten Major Signs,

---Postscript, Provisions and Prescriptions,

---Endnotes and References,






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