Sultan Abdul Hamid II: New

Sultan Abdul Hamid II : New,
'The Last Great Ottoman Sultan'
[A5] Paperback - 304 pages,
by Muhammad Harb
Transl. M. Farid Patel,
Published by Ark Kitaplari, Turkey.

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Description :

There are a number of significant and yet controversial personalities throughout Islamic history that have been greatly misunderstood and misrepresented by Western historians. Sultan Abdul Hamid II is one such personality, and unfortunately, there is very little unbiased and authentic information about him in English.

Most of the information on his life has been written from a Western perspective that does not draw from Islamic and Ottoman sources. Muhammad Harb is a well-known Ottoman historian who has been serving in this field for nearly 60 years! He wrote the biography Sultan Abdul Hamid II, The Last Great Ottoman Sultan in Arabic. The original Arabic edition is one of forty-five books written by the author, but this is the first to be translated into English.

"Abdul Hamid II is one of the greatest, defamed figures in History."
---Nihal Arsiz, Turkish Writer.

"May Allah have mercy on Abdul Hamid. There were no ministers,
aides, or people of his standing. He was ahead of his time. He
was in his ability, insight and politics, able to tackle the other
nations alone. If he had aides, contemporaries and a public that
understood him, he would have left the Empire on terms with the
first era of Islam." ---Said al-Afghani.


This book was written in an unbiased academic manner, supported by multiple historical sources to shed light on a rare personality that we sorely lack in our times. Perhaps his political acumen and ingenuity contributed to solving the greatest challenges to the Muslims of the time. The most prominent of these challenges was the Zionist threat to Palestine, where he was not prepared to concede even an inch of its land. This was truly a toxic matter, an issue that affected all Muslims and their allegiances.



Professor Muhammad Harb, is an Arab by birth (Egypt) but an ardent admirer of the Ottomans and Turkish history. He is is teacher at Sabahattin Zaim University, as well as the founder of the Ottoman Research Institute in Cairo and has written over 40 books and articles. Some of his books are about Ottoman history and civilisation, Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the Ottoman Intellectual and Management System. In 2018, he was awarded the Necip Fazil International Culture & Art Award.

Professor Harb has been learning and teaching Ottoman history for 55 years. He has been one of the true voices of Ottoman history. He believes he has been successful in his goal, which is to declare the truth about Ottomans to both Muslim Arabs and non-Arabs.



Table of Contents :

Introduction to the Book and the Translation,
---Who was the Man?

Part I.
An Introduction to Abdul Hamid's Rule, Era and Philosophies,
---Chapter [1]. Introduction to the Era of Sultan Abdul Hamid,
---Chapter [2]. The Era of Sultan Abdul Hamid,
---Chapter [3]. The Factor's that Shaped the Personality and Thinking of Sultan Abdul Hamid,
---Chapter [4]. The Personality and Mindset of of Sultan Abdul Hamid.

Part II.
Sultan Abdul Hamid's Domestic and Foreign Policies,
---Chapter [1]. Sultan Abdul Hamid's Interior Policies,
---Chapter [2]. Sultan Abdul Hamid and British Ambitions,
---Chapter [3]. Sultan Abdul Hamid and the ambitions of the Rest of Europe and Russia.

Part III.
Pan Islamism - The Islamic Component in the Sultan's Foreign Policy,
---Chapter [1]. From the Eastern Question to Pan Islamism,
---Chapter [2]. The Establishment of Pan Islamism.

Part IV.
The Opposition to the Reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II,
---Chapter [1]. Opposition from the religious communities and Intellectual groups in the West,
---Chapter [2]. Opposition from the Respected Muslim Personalities,
---Chapter [3]. Revolutionary and Secret Opposition Societies.

---Appendix A. An account of the funeral of Sultan Abdul Hamid II,
---Appendix B. What they said about Sultan Abdul Hamid II,
---Appendix C. Timeline of Notable Events during the Era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II,
---Appendix D. Shaykh al-Islam's during the Era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II,
---Appendix E. Grand Viziers during the Era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.






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Also see books on Sira.


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