Endless Grace : New

Endless Grace : New,
'Dreams & Visions of the Prophet,
Through the Ages,'
[Includes pull out Hilya Sharif],
*[A5+] Hardback - 124 glossy pages,
by Dr. Muzammil Khan,
Independently Published,
Printed in Turkey.

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Description :
Endless Grace : Dreams and Visions of the Prophet Muhammad, ?, Through the Ages. Dreams and visions play a vital role in every Muslim's life. More dearly-loved are visions involving the Prophet ?, - who is the Divine magnet around which every lover's life revolves.
In every generation, some Muslims have experienced such visions, which are glad tidings from God, Divine Mercy - echoes of Divine Grace.
The debate around the possibility of these visions has ensued throughout the ages. However, this collection takes an appreciative look at such experiences from different individuals across generations since the beginning of Islam.
Whilst this book is brimful of such accounts, it does not capture the entirety of the visions that exist; which are innumerable. Ultimately, these blessed encounters show that the love the Prophet ?, has for his nation continues to comfort the turmoiled hearts of his lovers - taking from his endless grace.
'To Know Him is to Love Him ?.'

Table of Contents :
---About the Hilya Sharifa,
---The Hilya Sharifa,
------Summary of Scholarly Opinions.
Chapter [1]. Dreams in the Qur'an and Sunnah,
Chapter [2]. The Eighth to the Twelfth Century,
----Uthman ibn Affan [d.656CE],
----Umar ibn Abdul Aziz d.[720CE],
----Yazid al-Farsi,
----Salim ibn Abdullah [d.728CE],
----Kulayb ibn Shihab,
----Imam Abu Hanifah [d.767CE],
----Al-Mansur [d.775CE],
----Imam al-Nafi [d.785CE],
----Imam al-Malik [d.795CE],
----Abdullah ibn Mubarak [d.797hCE],
----Imam Shafi'i [d.820CE],
----Sayyida Nafisah [d.824CE],
----Al-Ma'mun [d.833CE],
----Yahya ibn Ma'in [d.848CE],
----Bishr al-Hafi [d.850CE],
----Imam Ahmad al-Hanbal [d.855CE],
----Hakim Tirmidhi [d.869CE],
----Imam al-Bukhari [d.870CE],
----Yahya ibn Mu'adh [d.871CE],
----Al-Mu'htamid Billah [d.892CE],
----Imam al-Tabarani [d.971CE],
----Fatima bint al-Hasan [d.987CE],
----Imam al-Qushayri [d.1073CE],
----Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani [d.1166CE].
Chapter [3]. The Thirteenth to Seventeenth Century,
----Imam Ali ibn al-Hasan Ibn Askir [d.1175CE],
----Shaykh Najmuddin Kubra [d.1221CE],
----Shaykh Bahauddin Valad [d.1231CE],
----Shaykh Bahauddin Zakariyya [d.1262CE],
----Imam al-Nawawi [d.1277CE],
----Shaykh Sa'di [d.1291CE],
----Imam al-Busiri [d.1294CE],
----Ibn Battuta [d.1369CE],
----Shaykh Sayyid Ali Hamdani [d.1384CE],
----Khawaja Bahauddin Naqshband [d.1389CE],
----Amir Timur [d.1405CE],
----Mawlana Ya'qub Charkhi [d.1447CE],
----Abul Mawahib [d.1477CE],
----Khawaja Ubaydullah Samarqandi [d.1490CE],
----Imam 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sakhawi [d.1497CE],
----Imam Ahmad al-Qastallani [d.1517CE],
----Ali ibn Ahmad al-Samhudi [d.1533CE],
----Sultan Abdullah Khan [d.1598CE],
----Shaykh Ahmad al-Sirhindi [d.1624CE],
----Shaykh Sayyid Adam Banori [d.1663CE],
----Princess Jahan Ara [d.1681CE].
Chapter [4].  Eighteenth to Twentieth Century,
----Aurangzeb [1707CE],
----Shah Abdul Rahim Dihlawi [d.1719CE],
----Mirza Mazhar [d.1781CE],
----Tipu Sultan [d.1799CE],
----Shah Ghulam Ali Dihlawi [d.1825CE],
----Imam Ahmad al-Marzuqi [d.1846CE],
----Muzafar Husayn [d.1866CE],
----Sayyid Gul Hasan [d.1880CE],
----Sain Tawwakul Shah [d.1897CE],
----Haji Imdadullah Makki [d.1899CE],
----Nishat al-Nisa [d.1937CE],
----Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah [d.1951CE],
----Sayyid Sulayman Nadwi [d.1953CE],
----Hasan Nizami [d.1955CE],
----Gauhar Begum,
----Ghulam Rasul [d.1986CE],
----Hadrat Shah Zindapir [d.1999CE],
----Imam al-Hudhaifi.

Chapter [5]. The Twenty-First Century,
----Ibn Miskin,
----Dr. Umar,
----Shaykh Salahuddin,
----Abdul Karim,
----Sayyid Amin.
Chapter [6]. Wakeful Visions,
----About Wakeful Visions.
----Abi Sa'id,
----Abdul Karim,
----Umm Hani.
Chapter [7]. Conclusion,
----The Prophet is a heavenly magnet around whom every Muslim's life revolves.
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  • Written by: Dr Muzamil Khan

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