Daily Litanies of Imam al-Haddad

Daily Litanies of Imam al-Haddad : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 278 pages,
by Habib Abdallah bin Ali al-Haddad,
Translated by Rizwana Sayed, [BA Hons],
Published by Sakina, UK.

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Description :

Habib Abdallah bin Ali al-Haddad, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, from the progeny of the great Qutb Imam Abdallah bin Alawi al-Haddad, alayhi ar-rahman w'al-Ridwan, has composed the Daily Litanies of Imam al-Haddad. He was instructed by his father to compile a book, describing Imam al-Haddad’s invocations and method of worship of the day and night.

He provides a detailed guide to the manner of his waking up, the method of his ablution, his etiquette of going to the mosque and the Qur’anic suras that he recited in each prayer. The author has also included some of the litanies of Imam al-Haddad, to illustrate his method of recitation.

The author’s aim was to compile a manual that was practical and easy to follow for the general Muslim and provide them with a guideline that encompassed the remembrance of Allah throughout the day from morning till night. Furthermore, to preserve the way of his noble grandfather, Imam al-Haddad, whose remembrance and emulation would protect the Seeker in his beliefs and become a means to remain in their company in this world and the Hereafter.

Table of Contents :
---Translator's Introduction,
---About the Author,

---[1]. On Waking Up,
------The Prayer before coffee,
------Habib Hasan and Ayat al-Qursi,
---[2]. The Ablution,
------Invocations after the Ablution,
------Things to avoid in Ablution,
------The Prayer of Ablution,
---[3]. The Night Vigil,
------After the Witr,
---[4]. The Fajr Prayer,
------The Sunna,
------Supplications after the Sunna,
------Imam al-Haddad's etiquette of going to the Mosque,
------The Fajr Prayer,
------Surahs recited in the Fajr Prayer,
------Glorification and the Tashahhud,
------Litanies after the Fajr Prayer.
---[5]. Supplications after Every Prayer,
---[6]. Hizb al-Fath wa an-Nasr,
------The supplication of Sayyida A'isha, radi Allahu anha,
------The supplication of Prophet 'Isa, alayhi salam,
------The supplication of Our Liegelady Fatima, alayhi salam,
------The supplication for Relief from Distress,
------The supplication of Shaykh Muhammad bin Wasi, rahimahullah,
------The supplication of 'Utbah al-Ghulam, rahimahullah.
---[7]. The Musabba'at,
---[8]. The Mid-Morning Prayer (Salat ad-Duha),
---[9]. The Zuhr Prayer,
------The Sunna of Zuhr,
------After the Sunna,
------The Fard of Zuhr,
------After the Zuhr Prayer.
---[10]. The 'Asr Prayer,
------The Sunna of 'Asr,
------The Fard of 'Asr,
------The Hizb al-Bahr after 'Asr,
------Supplication of Relief from Distress,
------Supplication for Assistance with Strength,
------The Intention of Supplication for Teaching.
---[11]. The Maghrib Prayer,
------The Fard of Maghrib,
------The Sunna after Maghrib,
------The Awwabin Prayer.
---[12]. The 'Isha Prayer,
------The Prayer of Divine Pleasure (Salat ur-Rida),
------Verses of Reliance,
------Verses of Protection,
------The Sunna of  'Isha,
------The Fard of 'Isha,
------The Sunna after 'Isha,
------The Ratib al-Haddad.
---[13]. On Going to Sleep,
---[14]. His Works on Friday,
------The Fajr Prayer,
------The Sunna  before the Friday Prayer,
------After the Friday Prayer,
------Imam al-Haddad's Salutations Upon the Prophet, ?,
------The 'Asr and 'Isha Prayers,
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