Imam al-Juwayni on the Symbiosis ...

Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni on the Symbiosis
between Theology and Legal Theory : New,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 290 pages,
by Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad,
by Islamic & Strategic Studies Institute.

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Description :

Beginning from the early 5th A.H./11th C.E. century, Muslim scholars writing on legal theory (usul al-fiqh) was more increasingly inclined to incorporate in their works discussion of issues that do not strictly belong to the legal domain only but rather to the theological and philosophical spheres as well. No adequate explanation was given on why and how this took place in Islamic intellectual history.
Focusing on the legal works of Im?m al-?aramayn al-Juwayn? (d. 478/1085), this study attempts to deliberate on the matter. It undertakes to show that in Islamic academic tradition, there exists a mutually advantageous and symbiotic interaction between theology ('ilm al-kalam) and legal theory ('ilm usul al-fiqh).
This book examines the organic symbiosis between the two disciplines with a cluster of theological issues that have been frequently incorporated in the literature of Islamic legal theory.

Imam al-Haramayn : Dhia' ul-Din Abd al-Malik ibn Yusuf al-Juwayni al-Shafi'i (Persian: ???? ??????? ????????? ???????? ??? ???? ????? ?????‎, 1028—1085 CE; 419—478 AH) was a Persian Sunni Shafi'i faqih and mutakallim. His name is commonly abbreviated as Al-Juwayni; he is also commonly referred to as 'Imam al Haramayn,' meaning "leading master of the Two Holy Cities", that is, Makkah and Madinah.
Table of Contents :
---About the Author.
---Chapter [1]. Introduction,
---------Table 1: The Bibliographical List of al-Subki,
---------Table 1: The Bibliographical List of al-Zarkashi,
------The Objectives,
------The Definition,
---------Ilm al-Kalam (Theology),
---------Usul al-Fiqh (Legal Theory),
---------1. fiqh,
---------2. usul al-fiqh,
------The Scholar,
------The Sources,
---------Traditional Sources,
----------Table 3: Some Biographical Works on al-Juwayni and their Distinctive Features,
---------Modern Sources,
---Chapter [2]. Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni: Life & Background,
------Personal and Family Background,
------Educational Background,
---------Direct Teachers,
---------Indirect Teachers,
---------Ilm al-Kalam,
---------Usul al-Fiqh,
---------Table 5: Chronological Order of Some of al-Juwayni's Writings,
------Political, Social & Intellectual Background,
------Concluding Remarks.
---Chapter [3]. The Interdependence of Reason (al-'Aql) and Revelation (al-Shar),
------Al-Juwayni's Epistemology in Brief,
---------Reason (al-'Aql),
---------Revelation (al-Wahy / al-Shar'),
---------Knowledge (al-'Ilm),
------The Relationship between the Divine and Rational Proofs,
---------Rational Proofs (al-Adillah al-'Aqliyyah),
---------Divine Proofs (al-Adillah al-Sam'iyyah),
---------Divine & Rational Proofs (al-Adillah al-Sam'iyyah wal-'Aqliyyah),
------Further Analysis,
------Concluding Remarks.
---Chapter [4]. The Determination of Good & Evil (al-Tahsin w'al-Taqbih),
---------The Mu'tazilis,
---------The Ash'aris,
------Al-Juwayni's Exposition,
------Concluding Remarks.
---Chapter [5]. The Status of Acts before the Coming of Revelation (Hukm al-Af-al-Qabl Wurud al-Shar'),
------Justification of the Discussion,
---------al-Hukm (pl. al-Ahkam),
---------al-Fi'l (pl. al-Af'al),
------Al-Juwayni's Deliberation,
---------The Proscribed Position (al-Hazr wal-Man'),
----------Table 5: Muslim Scholars on the Proscribed Position,
---------The Permitted Position (al-Ibahah),
----------Table 6: Muslim Scholars on the Permitted Position,
---------The Refraining Position ('Ala al-Waqf),
---------The No Judgement Position (La Hukm),
----------Table 7: Muslim Scholars on the No Judgement Position,
------Concluding Remarks.
---Chapter [6]. The Roles of Reason & Revelation in Public Interest (Masalih),
------Definitions and Preliminary Information,
------Al-Juwayni's Conception of Masalih,
---------Ijtihad (Personal Exertion),
---------Istidlal (Reasoning),
---------Qiyas (Analogy),
---------Masalih through Ijtihad vis-a-vis Qiyas,
------Concluding Remarks.
---General Conclusion,
------Al-Waraqat fi Usul al-Fiqh by Imam al-Juwayni,
------The Arabic Text,
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  • Written by: Imam al-Juwayni

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