Commentary on Al-Ajrumiyyah : English

 A Commentary on Al-Ajrumiyyah : New,
*[A5+] Large Hardback - 408 pages, English/Arabic,
Al-Ajrumiyyah by ibn Ajurum [d.723h],
Al-Tuhfat al-Saniyyah bi sharh al-Muqadimmat al-Ajrumiyyah,
by Muhiy al-Din ibn 'Abd al-Hamid [d.1393h],
Translated into English by Adnan Karim,
*Published by Dar al-Arqam.
(Turkish Print).

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Description :

Al-Tuhfah Al-Saniyyah bi Sharh Al-Muqaddimah Al-Ajroomiyyah
: This work is a full bilingual rendition of Muhammad Muhi al-Dīn ibn ʿAbd al-Hamid’s (d. 1393h) renowned commentary on Ibn Ajurum’s (d. 723h) primer entitled al-Tuhfat al-Saniyah bi sharh al-Muqadimmat al-Ajrumiyyah with supplementary notes from other commentaries.

ʿUmar bin al-Khaṭṭab, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, said, “Learn the Arabic language, it will produce intellect and increase you in respectable behaviour.” [Shuʿab al-Īman of al-Bayhaqi, 1551].

Ibn Hazm said, “Anyone who seeks knowledge of nahw and the Arabic language with the intention of implementing the Shariʿah and understanding the Words of Allah, the Most High, and the words of His Prophet, and to have a broader understanding of the religion; then this person will have a great reward and a lofty status by which he will not be surpassed by anyone.” [Rasaʾil ibn Hazm 3/162]

Imam al-Suyuti, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, said, “Those who explained this book (al-Ajrumiyyah), such as al-Makudi, al-Raʿi and others, have described its author as being an Imam in Nahw, and possessing many blessings and benefits. An example of this is his Muqadimmah which has been extremely beneficial for beginners in studying nahw.” [Bugyat al-Wu’at fi Tabaqat al-Lughawiyin wa al-Nuhat 1/238].

Ibn Haj said, “Proof that this book is beneficial is that Allah has given it acceptance, to the extent that this has become the very first book (for beginners) that is studied prior to the commencement of reading the Qurʾan al-Azim. This Muqadimmah will give you benefits and understanding in the shortest time possible.” [Al-Taliqatu al-Jaliyyatu ʿala Sharh al-Ajrumiyyah, p. 43].

About this Print :

The main purpose of this translation is twofold :

Firstly to aid teachers in delivering classes on al-Tuhfat al-Saniyyah. Having access to a translation will allow the teacher to spend more time in explaining the book rather than preparing a translation. Furthermore it can help to bridge the gap between the stronger and weaker students in a class (in terms of their Arabic comprehension), which sometimes gives difficulty to the teacher in assessing the level of teaching which should be delivered.

Secondly, to serve as a bridge for students who may have learned the basics of Arabic but are not at a level yet to read an Arabic grammar book cover to cover purely in Arabic without difficulty. Depending on the level of the student they can read the Arabic and review their understanding with the English or use the English as an aid whilst reading the Arabic.

In order to fulfil this, the complete Arabic text has been provided and the translation has been kept as literal as possible, with some exceptions. See images below for sample pages.


Table of Contents

---Translators Note,

---About this book,
---Biography of the author,
---Biography of the commentator.

---Author's Introduction,
---An Introduction to Grammar,

---Speech and Its Types,
---Types of Speech,
---The Signs of the Noun,
---The Signs of the Verb,
---The Particle,
---The Types of Declension,
---Understanding the Signs of Declension,
---The Signs of al-Raf',

---Positions of the Dammah,
---The Letter Waw as a Representative of the Dammah,
---The Letter Alif as a Representative of the Dammah,
---The Letter Nun as a Representative of the Dammah,

---The Signs of al-Nasb,
---The Fatha and its Utilisation,
---The Letter Alif as a Representative of the Fathah,
---The Kasrah as a Representative of the Fathah,
---The Letter Ya as a Representative of the Fathah,
---The Removal of the Letter Nun as a Representative of the Fathah,

---The Signs of al-Khafd,
---The Kasrah and its Utilisation,
---The Letter Ya as a Representative of the Kasrah,
---The Fatha as a Representative of the Kasrah,

---The Two Signs of al-Jazm,
---Instances of the Sukun,
---Instances of Removal,

---Inflectable [words],
---Inflectable through Diacritics,
---The Root Signs of Inflection for that which Inflects with Diacritics & its Exceptions,
---Inflectable through Letters,
---The Inflection of the Dual Form,
---The Inflection of the Sound Masculine Plural,
---The Inflection of the Five Nouns,
---The Inflection of the Five Verbs,

---The Verbs
---The Verbs and their Types,
---Rulings of the Verbs,
---Nawasib of the Mudari Verb,
---Jawazim of the Mudari Verb,
---The Types of the Marfu' Words and Examples of them,

---The Subject,
---The Deputy of the Subject,
---The Nominal Subject and Predicate,
---The Abrogators of the Nominal Subject and its Predicate,

---Kana and its Sisters,
---Inna and its Sisters,
---Zanna and its Sisters,

---The Adjective,
---The Definite and its Types,
---The Indefinite,
---The Particles of Conjunction,
---The Emphasis, its Types and its Rulings,
---The Number of Mansub Words and Examples of them,
---The Object,
---The Infinitive,
---Types of the Absolute Object,
---The Adverb of Time and the Adverb of Place,
---The Circumstantial Adverb,
---The Disambiguation,
---The Exception,
---The Conditions for Using "La" with the Function of Inna,

---The Vocative,
---The Causative Object,
---The Object of Accompaniment,
---The Nouns in the State of Khafd,

---Conclusion of the Commentator.

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